A Life of Fear

A 14-year-old orphan girl named Serena Zerconia lives in the street of fighters who lives with her uncle Steward. She is a girl who fears everything (not ghosts and stuff). She had a bad childhood she lost her mom after giving birth to her and her dad on her 10th birthday. From then she lived with her uncle helping him with his side business street fighting as she wanted to do something in return for what he has been doing for her. His only thinking 'Will she be able to overcome the consequences being an orphan in this world?'


5. Ch-4

Serena's POV:

Okay... Forget whatever i said earlier. Literally this guy is sooooooooo Fun. He was way too open with while i was just smiling and chuckling. He said he is Stevenson but to call him Steve and was an orphan too then he saw me and got motivated to something in his life.... blah.... blah.

"C-can i just have a-a selfie with u?" He stuttered. So cute.

"Yea, mannnn. C'mere." We took a selfie, with uncle Steward.

Then when we came out of the plane we were greeted by weird group of people. The said " Annyeong!" Great, real great.

We greeted back and went out. I was waiting for Uncle Steward to get the taxi. We got close because of that orphan - orphan conversation so we exchanged our hone numbers. Uncle came and i waved at him and he waved back. We parted our ways. He was the first guy i smiled and enjoyed with after Uncle Steward.

I glared at my him after i get back to reality of where i am. He looked at me confused. He said "What?" That pissed me off way too much. "'What?' what do u mean by 'what?'. U brought me to Korea?" He just smiled sheepishly and said "Yea." I crossed hands over my chest and sat quiet. He looked at me and said " What is the problem with this country now?" I stayed quiet. "Baby i'm asking u?" I said " What is hope of me in this country? I mean like male dominance, girls not supposed to fight... with boys. I'm done just take me to some other country."

He was like "Baby, look at me." I rolled my eyes and looked at him straight in the eyes. "Do u still think that i don't understand u? I mean like i have been with u in ur whole childhood. I know u more than u knowing urself." I looked at him more confused. He looked back at the front at the driver saying him to go outside the city. He then turned to me and continued "I looked at some schools in Korea and one school caught my eyes which might suit u the best. One thing is that it is not a boxing school." I looked out the window to see everywhere green. and some students of a school going to school in bikes and some had girls behind them.

Later we entered into a school's parking lot. Damn this school is huge. The lot was like a mall. I wonder how the classrooms are?

We parked. I was about to open the door but someone else opened it for me. I got out. She bowed to me and i bowed back (90 degree). Uncle Steward and i were lead into the school and i was in most shocking sate looking at the school. They took us to stairs and walked up and up while we were following them .Some students saw me and whispered something to their friends. We went to the fourth floor and entered into the principals office. We greeted him with a bow and he stood up seeing us and greeted back. Damn the principal is himself looking good.

"Annyeong! I'm Byoung- Ho the principal of this school. Welcome to 국제 한국 학교. You must Ms. Serena Zerconia the new admission, right?" I nodded to him. He smiled and said "I'm extremely sorry i know i'm going too fast about this but we have no time. Let me tell you about this school."

(Time Skip)

We were going to the house we were gonna stay and my uncle kept starring at me. I got fed up and asked "What? Is there a k-drama going on in my face?" He laughed lightly and said "Don't tell lies baby. U like the school, i know it." I hid my smile and mumbled "If u know then why to say it out?" He chuckled out loud.

I hope this will be fun.


When i was thinking about that i saw Steve walking to somewhere

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