A Life of Fear

A 14-year-old orphan girl named Serena Zerconia lives in the street of fighters who lives with her uncle Steward. She is a girl who fears everything (not ghosts and stuff). She had a bad childhood she lost her mom after giving birth to her and her dad on her 10th birthday. From then she lived with her uncle helping him with his side business street fighting as she wanted to do something in return for what he has been doing for her. His only thinking 'Will she be able to overcome the consequences being an orphan in this world?'


4. Ch-3

Serena’s POV:

I’m currently sitting on a plane travelling to the country I’m gonna study. I kept my eyes closed because of the lights in the plane and uncle Steward’s hand resting on mine. I can literally feel him starring but I don’t bother to ask why. Call me lazy if you want.

“Baby, its dinner time. Eat and then sleep.” I slowly opened my eyes to see food in front of me. He ordered some noodles and fish for me. How sweet~

(Time Skip)

I ate nicely. While I was trying to rest I was getting the insecure and uncomfortable feeling of someone starring to death. I know it’s not my uncle because I can hear him snoring next to me. I tried to sneak a peek to look at a young boy probably around my age starring at me with his jaw down in awe. He got snapped out of his stare when I opened my eyes fully starring back at him. 

He just gave me a bow and closed his eyes. What the hell was that now? I turned my head back looking at the front. I took out my laptop from my bag and opened it to do some work. I had some pictures of mine in it so I was editing it. One image caught my eyes I clicked it was a really good one because it looked so professional. I was standing in a shore with my background as water (basically I was on a beach during that picture), me with white-thigh height dress in which I wasn’t been seen as wearing a dress because I was the same color as the dress. 

Wait, I feel that guy is looking again. I hate these sense feelings in me. I turned in a sudden motion to catch him drooling at the picture.

Urgh… Another drooler.

He got shocked of my sudden motion and kept his head down blushing of embarrassment after getting caught. I kept working in my laptop. Suddenly my uncle woke in a shock which startled me but didn’t show it out. 
“What happened? Was it another nightmare?” He nodded. “Here, hold my hand” I offered my hand which he gladly took. 

Dang he’s shaking. I squeezed his hand a bit. Before I could make a motion.

There was water bottle in front of me holded by the ‘Drooler’. I gave him a confused look. He caught it.
“Tell him to drink some water it calms him down. You know water is the best medicine.” I nodded took the water bottle, opened it gave it to my uncle and said “Drink.” He took it from me took a sip. I glared at him and he drank a little more.

I turned to the concerned face of the guy looking at my uncle. “Thanks.” He returned his gaze one and said “No problem.” He smiled in a cheesy way. “No, I owe you.” And he smirked and said-
“I will ask what I want later when I think of one.” I chuckled. I was about to turn to my laptop but stopped when he spoke again-

“Hey can I ask you something?” I nodded. “The girl in the picture was that you?” I nodded again with a smile plastered on my face. Then he said with a blank face “Do you mind if I say something?” I shook my head. 
“I’m a HUUUUGE FAN. Will you please give me your autograph? I have seen all your matches. Your boxing techniques are awesome. I felt like I’m nothing compared to you when it comes to boxing.” I was blank.
“Ms. Serena Zerconia, will you please do the honor?” he pulled out a book and a pen and pointed at me to a blank page. I first hesitated but “Sure. Anything for fans.” He squealed.

Wait. Did he just- whatever just sign that damn thing.

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