A Life of Fear

A 14-year-old orphan girl named Serena Zerconia lives in the street of fighters who lives with her uncle Steward. She is a girl who fears everything (not ghosts and stuff). She had a bad childhood she lost her mom after giving birth to her and her dad on her 10th birthday. From then she lived with her uncle helping him with his side business street fighting as she wanted to do something in return for what he has been doing for her. His only thinking 'Will she be able to overcome the consequences being an orphan in this world?'


3. Ch-2

Serena’s POV:

I opened my eyes with a blurry vision and blinked to adjust my vision. When I came back to reality I saw myself lying on a bed not able to move a muscle with blank white walls surrounding me. I turned to my right side and lowered my head to see someone’s head resting near my hand. Its uncle Steward…

‘Wait. How did I get here? Don’t tell me I passed out? Fantastic (sarcastic)! I don’t remember anything happened last night the last thing I knew was I was on uncle’s arms.’

Suddenly a voice interrupted my thoughts. “It’s not good to stare at someone like that. Ya know?”Now his position was: he wasn’t resting his head on the bead anymore, he is sitting on the chair and giving me a confused look. “Huh?” that’s what I said. He sighed.

“We were going to the car to go back to our place. When we were just a few steps from the car you fell unconscious and one of the supporters caught before u fall completely on the ground. Then we admitted you in the hospital and here we are.” I just nodded. He looked down at his feet.

‘Why the hell is he sad? I won ryt?  Wait. Or is he worried about something?’ I just moved hand and kept it on his which was holding the sheet of the bed. He looked at me with a worried expression and gave me a weak smile. With that I took a hold of his hand and tightened it a bit. 

He looked at me in the eye and said “Serena… y-you were unconscious for two days. Y-yesterday you um… school p-principal came and spoke to me.” I was giving me the what the hell happened look. He looked down at my hand which was now in hold by him. He continued “H-he said you can’t continue your high school here. He said not being there in any of the classes but getting really good marks is a bit suspicious to them. He was supporting till your middle school but he said high school also cannot be like this because high school involves the government. So…” I gave him a weak nod.


Then he said in a bit cheerful voice “Don’t worry because we are transferring you to a High School. Which um… which is not exactly um… located in A-America.” I gave him a blank look and raised my eyebrow indicating what the heck are ya thinkin. 

“Wa… c’mon don’t look at me like that. You know what I’m thinking. Also we have no other choice.” I nodded.

I tried to sit up but he got up and put his hands on my shoulder and pushed me back to lie down. “Nononononono. Don’t force yourself up. The doctor said you need to rest.” I shifted my eye on him and asked him “Where… where are you transferring me?” he look at me with widened eyes because I don’t ask him questions like were are going? Where are you taking?

 He got frustrated “uh… y-you are getting transferred t-to… I won’t tell you.”


He continued “since you are good at many languages. We are transferring you to somewhere where are learning English but don’t speak English.” I nodded.



He broke the silence “you know something. Before the supporters get to know about your TC. I got millions of phone calls saying they have a seat empty in their school for your admission.” We both started laughing. He continued “We actually said no to all the schools and made admission to one of the finest school of that country where you are going to study. All we need to complete the admission is your autograph and a recent photograph. Well the thing the recent photo of yours is a bit sexy to give it to the school.” I raised an eyebrow at him. He just chuckled.

“When?” he glanced at me and looked down at his feet. He said “When you get discharged. There is a load of time for you before the school starts. You can use the time to get settled and find a job for living. Well I’m going to pay the school fees. The job is for your food and other things.” I nodded. ‘Wait what about him? And his side business?’
“You?” he just looked up confused “Huh?”

“What about you?”
“What about me?”
‘Ok… now he is irritating me.’
“You are coming with me ryt?”
“Oh… baby… it’s… um… no.” I understood and nodded.
“Will you be alright? And what about your side business?”
“Oh baby… don’t worry about me or my side business.” ‘Really? Okay I admit don’t worry about side business but about you. Don’t tell me what to do?’


I asked him without thinking in what condition I am in right now “Am I allowed to fight there?”
He chuckled a bit and said “well I’m not sure about that because your Green Card is taking a lot of time to come to you.”
He said out of no where “But I’m sure about one thing.” I looked at him confused. He gave the evil smile and said “You’re allowed to date guys there. I heard there are good looking guys there.”
I rolled my eyes at him. ‘Seriously out of all he has to bring up with this. I was happy he stopped for while but now he started AGAIN.’

He said “This is your chance.” I shushed him and said “Not even in your wildest dreams.”
He was laughing so hard tears rolled down on his cheeks and started singing Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. I tried to shut him up so that the nurse doesn’t kick him out but he didn’t stop.



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