A Life of Fear

A 14-year-old orphan girl named Serena Zerconia lives in the street of fighters who lives with her uncle Steward. She is a girl who fears everything (not ghosts and stuff). She had a bad childhood she lost her mom after giving birth to her and her dad on her 10th birthday. From then she lived with her uncle helping him with his side business street fighting as she wanted to do something in return for what he has been doing for her. His only thinking 'Will she be able to overcome the consequences being an orphan in this world?'


2. Ch-1

“Come on baby, you can do It.” screams uncle Steward standing a bit far from her. The supporters screaming with him “Come on Serena! Come on. You can do it.” She has been lying over there more than two minutes without motion. Seeing her lying there, uncle Steward feels remorseful for bringing her into this. His eyes start watery and drop of water drips down his cheek as he mumbles “Please. Please get up baby.”

On the ground lies a figure, her face landing on the surface and blood flowing from her head which was covered by her fringes.

There she was lying, people whining for her, a lifeless soul to wake up. She couldn’t believe she was forced into this.

Hi! I’m Serena Zerconia, I’m fourteen and an orphan staying with the man who loves me like anything my uncle Steward. I had come across a horrible childhood and going through the future. I would tell this for sure that no other girl in this world should experience what I have come through. I’m telling you it was horrible yet, I want to move forward. My problem is FEAR…

I FEAR about my past.

I FEAR about my future.

I FEAR about being alone.

I Fear about being in a relationship.

I FEAR about having friends.

I FEAR about having a family again.

I FEAR about my uncle being a bachelor forever because of me.

I FEAR about getting away distant from my uncle if he gets married.

I FEAR about defamatory my uncle.

I FEAR about people getting to know the secrets about me.

I FEAR about men.

I FEAR about death.

 Don’t think I’m presuming or stubborn, I’m just hard to handle. I know my poor uncle. In this position I don’t know whether to be spiteful, malicious or vengeful. I’m just in trauma because a girl like me undergoing these vindictive. According to my uncle I’m sublime, vexed and incorrigible but I’m just in torment. Well, if you ask him to describe he will say “The White Stick of Nature.” which means, I’m white as snow (not being a racist), thinnest of the thin, curvy, straight dark black hair, with natural eyeliner, big lashes with warm bodies and cold attitude even though being benevolent. And for the age of fourteen my height is too much because the average height of a fourteen year girl is 156.7cm but me 158.7cm. I know too much. He says that I’m literally good at everything sports, academics, general knowledge and things which are out of syllabus, which means knowing things which no other fourteen would know.’

She feels the noise people are making is very annoying. ‘Shut up, my head is aching’ she thought. She heard a voice “10, 9, 8…” the referee was counting. ‘Wait he is counting. No. Wake up Serena. Get up and fight. You can’t lose to a guy.’ she said to herself. Slowly she opened her eyes, her vision blurry; she blinked many times to get a clear vision. She saw her uncle in tears. ‘He is crying. No, don’t cry. I have to get up. He should smile and not cry. He might have forced into this but when he looks at me I want him to look full of pride and the happiest person and not with guilty and unhappiness. Shut up and get up Serena.’ “Ahhh” she screams. Her elbows were up, fist landing on the ground. She pushed herself up putting the pressure on her fist. The referee was at 3 when she landed on her knees then he stopped. He came close to her and asked “Are you all right? Do you want to continue? Can you stand and fight?” she placed her palm on the ground and stood up still shaking. Then she screams “I’M READY!” Her uncle and her supporters scream “Yeah! Beat him up. Show him what girl power is.”

She smirked and thought ‘I don’t know what I’ doing? Why I’m doing this? I don’t care. I just don’t want I failed look on my uncle’s face.’ She stood in her fighting position. She could only hear the audience; she couldn’t hear what the referee was saying. The bell rang for the last land.

The crowd was completely quiet when the fight started. For about five minutes they both were fighting continuously. He punched Serena’s face again; she didn’t fall but landed her palm on her knees bending down. The referee asked again “Can you fight?” She nodded. The referee gave the green signal. This time Serena couldn’t control her anger. She did her famous FLYING NINJA KICK on his face, he flew backward to the net and was coming back to hi place. When he reached near her tired she punched him down on his jaw. He fell down unconscious.

Her uncle, supporters and the crowd were screaming of victory. Uncle Steward jumped inside and took her up and spins her around. Her hands on his shoulder looking down at him she thought ‘There you go. The face I wanted to see. So, it takes a few blood to see that face. Huh?

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