To Figure Him Out

He is hiding something and she wants to find out.


1. Introduction




This is a story of girl who more or less found herself trapped in a friendship that was probably not even truly a friendship. Everything that has happened within their friendship was probably the unhealthiest situation for both of them. Cynthia Richard the girl who could never give up on Nick Dunlavy vowed to make sure that she would figure him out.

Though as you read this story you will think that this all about some sick and twisted love affair but rest assured that this is not. Though it may seem that Cynthia loved him and it is possible that she did it never was true enough to be real for her.

Nick Dunlavy was a guy who was probably very broken over things unknown not only to Cynthia but to himself as well. He was ruined and he didn’t want to be fixed though he it remains unclear if he admired the way Cynthia tried to figure him out and tried to mend his wounds visible and invisible.

Those two are poisonous for each other. They bring out emotions in each other that should never come out, They both like to bury their feelings deep inside so that no one, not even them can find. Emotions, true emotions was like forbidden fruit and they didn’t want to even go near it.

So as you read this, don’t stop to think that Cynthia loved him because that is unclear and don’t believe that she hate him either. The whole point of this book is to give an insight of what it is like to know someone like Nick Dunlavy.

How to truly figure out someone like him, but no matter how close you get to someone like Dunlavy you shouldn’t ever do it. The feelings and thoughts that emerge after doing so are too painful to bear.

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