To Figure Him Out

He is hiding something and she wants to find out.


2. Band camp

Chapter 1



This day  was meant to be like any other day, but I had completely forgotten I had band camp with my cousin. I don’t even know why I even agreed to give up the last month of my summer to be a part of the James Bowie High School Color Guard Team. Honestly it was just a fancy way of saying “Congrats, you’re a flag girl now”.

I didn’t think it would be so bad because I have my cousin on the team and  I can get to know a few people who I might have class with when school starts. Upon entering my school – which looks extremely dreadful even in the summer - I saw the one person I didn’t expect to see: Nick Dunlavy. It it was stupid of me to think that I wasn’t going to see him because he is just as much apart of this band as I was.

Nick played the saxophone and was of an average height for a male his age, with sandy brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, and milky skin. Not to mention a stoner and one of the best taggers I have ever met. I met him last year in English class; he sat across from me, but I thought he was a little weird because he would stare at me with his mouth open sometimes. The real reason we became friends was because of our mutual friend Theresa Shawyer.

She showed me to exude confidence which led me to talking to him since we have been friends. We aren’t friends who talk for hours more like,  I will text him and bug him for graffiti stickers with my name on it, or just have a random conservation to kill boredom.

When I saw him, however, I didn’t say hello, because I was sure that I would see him around again at some point, I waited outside of the choir room with my cousin and I guess my “teammates”.

When our captain Carla came, we all went inside and waited a few minutes for our coach. He was a short Hispanic male that kind of reminded me a pale meatball with a foul odor and black greasy hair; I honestly don’t think he ever washed it. He was wearing a red HEB shirt but he said that he worked at a fast food establishment. For the whole first day of camp we did nothing but warm-ups and a little bit of the actual flag work. After practice I saw Nick again and this time I said something.

“Hey, do you have my sticker?”

He looked at me and shook his head. “No, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

I shrugged. “I have to do something this year.”

He nodded. “Right. Well, bye.”

I told him bye and he gave me a hug. I wasn’t expecting it or how tight it would be. It was actually the best hug I have ever gotten. Wished he hadn’t hugged me so close so our chest, touched; but I guess that was to be expected from Nick.

  After a few days, band camp seemed pretty enjoyable. I made a few friends and could already tell who I would be hanging out during our band class, like my close friend Gennie Martinez. I’ve known her ever since I started school at Bowie High, we had the same Spanish class and we used to take pictures like crazy there. She is a petite Hispanic female with long light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and sun-kissed skin with an outgoing, yet sassy personality.

She joined Color Guard after not making the volleyball team. We spent most of the time between our breaks going over routines and catching up with each other, although I would never admit, I actually learned more of the dances better from her than from our actual coach.

Another extraordinary change was that now we had two coaches and this one was a female who looked to be in her late twenties. She was a plump Caucasian women, with long sandy brown hair, and bright blue eyes that reminded of the oceans in Florida. She had a very peculiar personality, but then again she reminded me of the typical high school nerd from the movies.

We were always outside with the band learning how to march on the field and every once in awhile,Nick and I would make eye contact, especially at our very very long and boring after-practice band meetings.

“Hey you guys all look like a team.” He told me to, which I just looked at him, and didn’t say anything. Not because I was being rude, but simply because I wasn’t really paying attention, and only caught the part where he said “team”.

I guess I had offended him because he moved away from me. So after practice while heading to the school, I saw him and he told me to go over to him.As I did, he handed me to graffiti stickers that read ‘Bunny’. One was in basic black and the other was a highlighter pink.

Even though I didn’t really care for the pink, I admired the fact that he did it for me, so I smiled, thanked him then went inside to show Gennie.

“Oh these are cool.” She told me.

“Yeah, they are pretty nice.”

“What are you going to do with them?”

“Probably just hang them up or something.”

She nodded and then told me her mother was outside. So, I hugged her good-bye and then called my own mother only to find out she had been waiting for me for fifteen minutes. Although I believe it was only five, I wasn’t going to argue because – well I just wasn’t going to do that.

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