Blinded by Love

Marinette is rejected by Adrien after confessing 2 year's worth of feelings, now it's been torture going back to school with classmates jeering her and her bestie preoccupied with her boyfriend.
That is, until Chat Noir comes along to comfort her pain. And Nathanael, who has had the biggest the crush on her since forever. She has to choose between the 2 boys, but who?


2. Salvation

(Alya’s POV)

“Where is that cat?!”

I stand near the Eiffel Tower, in the cold shivering my butt off waiting for the famous Chat Noir to arrive. Not the best idea to be waiting outside in the snow without a coat at night. I would’ve asked for Ladybug to come too, but she’s been so distant from Paris nowadays that the city hardly ever sees her. And when the heroine shows up, she’s gone almost immediately. It’s been a total blow on my LadyBlog.

Same as my best friend Marinette, the once cheery and joyous girl that I admired and still admire has gone AWOL. Barely turning up to class, not replying to my texts or calls or skype or email or Instagram or snapchat. It’s been a week since I’ve properly talked to Mari. In desperate measures like this I’ve decided to summon help. This help just happens to be a boy in a leather cat suit. Who is peeving me off because he’s running late.

“Sorry for the wait Al-I mean lady! I ran in with some thugs who needed to be taken care of. They were no trouble for Chat Noir though!” The hero finally shows up with his signature chesire grin and boasts. Sometimes I even wonder why Ladybug puts up with this guy, and how?!

“Look, you probably know me. I run the Ladyblog, I would’ve asked Ladybug to also help but she hasn’t been around much lately. It’s hard to get into contact with her.” I pause for breath, noticing Chat’s sad expression.

“I’m here for a friend of mine, Marinette Dupain-Cheng”. The hero’s face lit up as soon as I say my friend’s name. Does he know her? Hmmmm.

“Is Marinette okay?” Chat Noir asks worried.

“No she isn’t. Mari hasn’t been herself lately, I won’t go to into detail, but I need a solid from you.” I request, hoping for my wanted answer.

“Go on.”

“Would it be okay if you could maybe just check on Marinette once in a while? I haven’t been able to even talk to her face to face, or at all in that matter! I’m a-afraid she’s going to g-get akumatis-sed o-or worse.” I break down crying, I’ve never been this vulnerable even in front of my boyfriend Nino. Marinette has always been there for me, it’s heartbreaking that I can’t return that favour. I feel the warm embrace of Chat, hugging me like there’s no tomorrow who is also crying.

“Don’t worry Alya, I’ll protect Mari from those nasty butterflies.” Chat reassures me.

“I apprec-ciate th-that Chat N-Noir!” I thank him through sniffles and coughs. As I see the dark figure run off, I head towards home too. I told my parents that I wouldn’t be out for too long, no need to worry them.

I wonder if Chat Noir has a family, or parents….

I just hope Marinette is ok.

(Chat Noir’s POV)

I hope Marinette’s ok.

My mind races with thoughts of concern as I jump from rooftop to rooftop, careful not to slip from the snow. Marinette has been one of my closest friends as Chat Noir, she had always welcomed me into her room when I’m lonely in my enormous empty mansion. It pains me to hear that Mari hasn’t been herself. I haven’t really noticed though, photoshoots, modelling, Chinese and piano lessons, fencing and now my girlfriend Chloe have taken up all of my time. Being Adrien Agreste has taken much time from me being Chat Noir.

Come to think of it, Mari ran off after talking to me. I just told her the truth, is that so bad? I tried to put her down gently. Chloe said that Marinette felt sick and needed to go home after her chat with Mari. My childhood friend has never lied to me.

I finally land on Marinette’s balcony, expecting her to be humming a song or sewing a fabulous creation or eating those delicious cookies she bakes all the time but instead find her above standing on the edge of her roof by her toes, closed eyes and arms wide. For a moment her beauty shone, the moonlight on her porcelain skin, her hair dark as night flowing in the wind. I would’ve savoured the moment, if she wasn’t leaning backwards about to fall.

She’s about to open her eyes now.

I’m sure of it.

Any time now.

But Mari doesn’t and forces herself off the roof.

“MARINETTE! NOOOO!” I scream in terror, front-flip and catch the falling Marinette from her death and land on my feet on her balcony. I cradle her in my arms, speechless and breathless. How could Mari do such a thing?

“What were you thinking Marinette?” I shake her awake, her bright blue belle eyes filled with sadness and hurt surprises me. They have always been warm and beautiful. Now they were lifeless.

Marinette just shrugs, jumps out of my arms and walks into her room which has also changed. It had no colour, no pictures (or at least unidentifiable pictures crossed out or ripped to shreds on the ground) and no, well Mari!

“Leave me alone Chat, I’m not in the mood.” She grumbles and flops on her bed, trying to hide her crying and sobbing in her pillow that hardly muffles the sounds.

“Hey, hey Mari. I’m here what’s wrong??” I sit down next to her and stroke her hair trying to reassure her.

“Please leave me alone Chat!” Marinette pleads, curling into a tight ball. What happened to the strong, confident, friendly Marinette?

“I’m not leaving until you give me a hug and you explain why you were on that roof about to take your own life!” I command, uncurling her human ball. Her makeup is smeared, her smile turned upside down and her tears rolling down her eyes like a waterfall. Her pain is more than words. I just hold her tight, letting her know that I am there for her. She cries into my chest, silence grows between us. But it’s not the feared silence. It’s the trust silence.

Marinette must really be depressed. I think I’ll visit her every night to see how she goes, I’m no psychiatrist but I have dealt with a LOT of drama in my life.

It felt like hours passed, us hugging each other enjoying each other’s presence of just being there. It was time for me to go the beeps from my miraculous ring were going, we said our goodbyes me promising I would visit sooner. Mari was smiling just the tiniest bit, which means that if I continued to visit she can get better. Now that would be miraculous. 

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