Blinded by Love

Marinette is rejected by Adrien after confessing 2 year's worth of feelings, now it's been torture going back to school with classmates jeering her and her bestie preoccupied with her boyfriend.
That is, until Chat Noir comes along to comfort her pain. And Nathanael, who has had the biggest the crush on her since forever. She has to choose between the 2 boys, but who?


3. Gentleman

Going to school used to be one of the main things in my life that made me happy. I got to see Alya and my classmates, achieved A grades but mainly seeing Adrien. He was so perfect. Looking now at these large doors the entrance to the school, it’s hard to think how I ever liked this place. For the past week, I miraculously caught a fever unable to go to school. But now, I had to brave the school day if I have any bravery left. 

The day seemed to pass like a blur, I paid no real attention to my reality who would want to anyway? I was a massive joke in the eyes of my school.

“Oh my god, did you hear about Marinette? She cried like a baby after she got rejected by Adrien!”

“Mari’s so obsessed with Adrien! Have you seen her room?! It’s literally a shrine for him, hopefully she doesn’t turn out like Yandere…”

“Adrien’s totally out of her league he’s smart, rich, hot, popular and a model! There was no way she could get with him.”

“I bet all she wanted was his money, after all she’s just a baker’s daughter!”

“Poor Mari! I guess she’ll have to get used to being rejected all the time. Ha ha ha!”

Alya tried her best to comfort me, but she has a boyfriend now Nino. He’s my friend too, but I guess you would choose your boyfriend over your baby best friend. In a matter of 24 hours my life has been ruined. No need for dramatics it’s the truth.

Sneers, jeers, snickers, torment, pity. I guess that’s all I’m good for now.


I don’t want to leave this desk, I don’t want to get out of this seat. I don’t want to sit alone at lunch, listening to the gossip about my ridiculous confession. I wish Chat was here.

A small object hits the back of my head, disrupting my thoughts.

“Huh?” I look down at my desk to find a paper airplane begging for me to open it.

It was a picture of me being hugged……by Nathanael saying ‘it’s ok’.

I turn around to find Nathanael, smiling and drawing away beckoning me to stay.

“You coming girl?” Alya asks me.

“No, you go on ahead.” I smile, I guess the sight of it convinced Alya that whatever I needed to do here was good for my health.

More airplanes glide towards my desk, each containing a doodle and a reassuring comment. For once, someone actually cared about my broken heart besides Alya and Chat Noir.

“Hey Marinette. Is everything, ok?” Nathanael questions me with a soothing voice as he sits beside me. His red orange hair in its usual hairstyle and his turquoise eyes filled with concern.

“Everything is, is…not ok! I can’t believe the whole school is making fun of me because I decided to confess to Adrien! Is that so bad? I mean, I haven’t seen any of the other girls have the courage to tell him they like him. It sucks to be rejected, but it’s even more humiliating and depressing, to walk around any corridor without a comment or a snicker or a face filled with pity.”

Tears start rolling down my eyes uncontrollably, breaking down on Nathanael just resolves I’m an idiot and immature baby. He just stands there, blinking then he does something incredible.

“Marinette! I think you’re the most beautiful, kindest, loveable girl I have ever met. I think Adrien just lost someone he could never get! I’m here for you no matter what.”

Those three sentences surprise me, warmth feels my cheeks and I smile. A real smile. He really means it! Nath has been here all along, and I never saw him. Even after I betrayed him when he was akumatised and became Evillustrator he trusts me.

“Thank you Nathanael” I kiss his cheek and hug him. Our bodies fit perfectly together, silence grows between us much like last night with Chat. But this time, I snuggled into his chest and his heart was beating wildly.

“You deserve better Mari.”

I deserve a gentleman like you.

“Would you like to come to my bakery today after school?”

“I would love that.”


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