Blinded by Love

Marinette is rejected by Adrien after confessing 2 year's worth of feelings, now it's been torture going back to school with classmates jeering her and her bestie preoccupied with her boyfriend. That is, until Chat Noir comes along to comfort her pain. And Nathanael, who has had the biggest the crush on her since forever. She has to choose between the 2 boys, but who? ***A MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FANFICTION***


1. Rejection

I should’ve seen it coming, from a mile away. Perhaps I did see it, but I didn’t want to believe it. These past two years I’ve been crushing away hoping that Adrien would somehow feel the same way about me. This is what I get for being blind. I try to blink tears away hiding the hurt from the one person I’ve been wanting so desperately, blatantly rejects me.

“I’m sorry Marinette, but I can’t accept your feelings ever. I already love someone else.”

You’re not sorry. You don’t even understand how much this hurts. And it doesn’t help that you humiliate me in front of my whole class. Partially, it’s my fault. I hoped too much, and I dreamed too much never truly seeing my reality. That reality doesn’t even allow the possibility for you and I to be together.

Chloe struts over and whispers in my ear. The queen bee must be enjoying this SO much.

“Ha ha ha, poor Marinette! You’re no match for Ladybug, she’s perfect and she has saved Paris so many times that you’ve humiliated yourself. You’re just a clumsy, simple, laughable, pitiful dimwit who will NEVER be good enough. Right Adrikins?” The devil chloe shouts at Adrien, batting her sickly long eyelashes and pushes me to the ground.

Adrien just shrugs oblivious to what his childhood friend has just said to me, puts his hands in his pockets and walks towards Chloe, the person who he protected me from and the person responsible for 90% of my hurt including that heart-wrenching yet true comment.

“Right, Chloe.”

This pain, is more excruciating than all of the wounds I’ve ever felt. If he only knew that I WAS LADYBUG. That I AM the idol he adores. Yet he can’t see the true me, or the weak side of me. Being compared to MY alter ego and adoring her instead, you couldn’t get any worse than that. I’m just a walking disaster, always has, always will.

Tears roll down my cheeks uncontrollably now as I run from my classroom, I can’t handle this anymore. I run away from the torment and jeering from my classmates, run away from the boy I once was head over heels but now realise he is heartless, run away from Alya who’s cries to come back I pay no attention to. I run away from my pathetic reality and hope to never return. 

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