Call me baby

The fist time, I see Kai I don't really like him but after we talk my thoughts have changed.

Sorry for my mistakes


4. Girlfriend

Wait...Kai kiss me ?!?....and he loves me....

I am in front of Kai.

-I know is weird...but I very love you. At the first time I see you, I fall in love... Do you want to be my girlfriend ?

-You...You love me...???

-Yes, I very love you. I love all of you.

My brain could not record the information.

-Are you alright ?

-Y..Yes you want ??

-Want what ?

-…be my girlfriend...?


Kai was red tomato. He was cute like that.

-You really love me ?

-Yes ! Really

His voice was strong and sure. I put on tiptoes and I gave him a kiss on the mouth.

-Yes, I want

I know that at first I did not love him. But since I spent the day with him, I think about him every second. He was so kind in real.

He gave me a hug and then he kissed me again. He took my hand and brought me to his home.

-My parents are not at home. So don't be shy

-I'm not...

He brought me to his room. We sat on the bed. We start kissing and he asked me

-Want to go farther?

I shook my head. I want to this with him.

The end

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