Call me baby

The fist time, I see Kai I don't really like him but after we talk my thoughts have changed.

Sorry for my mistakes


3. Date

My phone rings me up. I was looking and it was Kai who had sent me a message. But how he had had my numbers I did not even give him. The message said I had to come dress up neatly and nicely. So I dress up my favorite dress and for my hair I do a hairdressing

I don't know why, but I was excited to go. I wanted to get to know Kai. I wanted to know how it was outside of work and school.

I arrived in front of the pet store. Kai was standing there and he was ... he was ... WoW ... super beautiful and sexy. A little more and I wanted to jump on it.

He was so beautiful with his white shirt and his tight black jeans. I like so much how his hair was placed in the areas and in addition he wore a tie.


-Hi Kai

He gave me a big smile. Then we left for a restaurant where Kai had booked. The restaurant was very chic compared to what I expected.

While we were in the restaurant, we talked about everything and nothing. I felt really good with him. Kai went to pay and we went outside. It spanked a bit cold outside. Kai noticed and put his jacket on my shoulders. I smiled to him.

We want to a park. like dogs ?

-I love all animals but my favorite is Boxer


-This is the first thing my uncle and mother offered me. After giving me this, my mother died...

-Oh...I heard yesterday it was your birthday……Happy birthday


-What did you do for your birthday?

- Nothing

-What ? You don't do party with your friend ?

-No, I don't like this...

We pass in front of a homeless person who played the guitar. I stopped and I watched him play.

-I know this song

And I start to sing. The homeless was happy that I sing with him. Kai was surprised at my beautiful voice and started singing with me. He even danced in the middle of the park. passers-by stopped and threw the agent into the hat of the homeless. I took the hat and I passed for people to give money. At the end of the song, we went to speak to the homeless.

-Tanks, you are really good to help me

-Your welcome, I'm happy to help you, I said

- You do a good couple. Especially with you voices

-Tanks, said Kai

The homeless takes his thing, tells us bye and he leaves.

-You dance very well

-Tank...I love your voice


Kai stood in front of me. He put his hands on my red cheek and said to me

-I just don't like your voice...

He leaned over and kissed me. At first, I was surprised, but quickly I let myself be guided by him. He drew back and told me

-I love you, Myung Hee

And He kiss me again.

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