Call me baby

The fist time, I see Kai I don't really like him but after we talk my thoughts have changed.

Sorry for my mistakes


2. Boxer's problem

In class, Kai presented itself.

-Hi, I am Kai. Like you I'm 17 years old. I like music, dance and animals.

I sigh. Why he is in my class. The rest of the day was good. I was talking with Soo kyung. She fall completely in love with Kai.

-Wake Up!!!

-Why?? Is Saturday ???

-Our uncle call


-Boxer don't feel good


I jumped out of bed and went to prepare myself.

I did not take time for breakfast and I ran to the pet store. I hope Boxer had nothing. Kai was at the bottom. I was going to see the cage directly at Boxer, but it was not there. I was looking Kai

-Where is Boxer?

-Boxer...he go with the boss to the veterinary

-Where ?

-I don't know. He don't say to me.

I was looking in my pocket for my phone but it was not there.

-oh no....I forget my phone in my house...How can I call my uncle

-your uncle ?

-Yes. He is the boss of the pet store.


-Yes, why I would lie ?

-I don't know

-Do you have the phone numbers of my uncle ?

-No I don't have

-So how can he call you?

-I live just in front

-oh...So you don't have his numbers...

-He says that he will call

- Really?

-Yes, So stay here and wait for him to call

-Tanks, if you want I can help you to take care of the animals

We started by washing the fish's jars. After we were playing with the rodents and we cleaned their cage.

Kai and me had a lot of fun. We laughed at having a stomach ache.

Finally my uncle call.


Kai finished talking with my uncle before I met what had happened.

-Finally, Boxer feel good. They learn that Boxer was not a boy, but a girl and she is pregnant.

-What??? Really ??

-Yes, your uncle find it very funny

-OMG, so I was worried about nothing


I sigh

-I will go home. Good bye Kai

-Waits !...well tomorrow... do you want to go in date ?

-what...? You want to go in date with me ?

-euh...yes but if you don't want is ok

-No..No I want is ok

-So come here tomorrow at 10 am

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