Call me baby

The fist time, I see Kai I don't really like him but after we talk my thoughts have changed.

Sorry for my mistakes


1. The pet store

-Sister !!!! Wake up, we have school

-I know…I know

I gets up, goes in front of my closet and I choose my clothes

After à go to the kitchen for eats a breakfast. My little sister came to the kitchen.

-Hey, your birthday is tomorrow. Will you celebrate it?

-No, I will just go to the library to study

-WHAT? You must do a big party for this. This is your birthday. It happens only once a year

-I don't care

I take my bag and my headphones. Before going to school I stop at a pet store.

They have a little dog who I like so munch.

-Hi boxer, how are you

I'm leaning in front of the large glass hide. I took boxer and I started to flatter.

-I hope you are a good boy

The boxer response was a kiss on the cheek. An employe hit me on the shoulder.

-What ?

-you're not allowed to pick up a animal.

-The boss is a friend and he lets me take the animals

-But the boss is not here so I would ask that you put the animal in its cage

I turn to the employe

-If you want I can call the boss he'll say it

The employe was tall. His hair was brown like his eyes was brown.

I got up and I read his name on his work sweater.

-Kai so do you want I call the boss ?

-No, it is correct...

He looked at his watch and said

-You should go if you don't want to be late

I looks my watch.

-Oh the class start in 10min...bye boxer

I put boxer in the cage.

-Bye Kai...


When I put my two feet outside, he closed the door and put the sign close.

-Myung Hee!!!

It was my best friend, Soo kyung.


-I heard a rumor that he had a new student

-And ?

-According to the rumors, it would be beautiful, sexy and cute

-and ?

-he is in our class!!!

-I don't care

-Why !!! And his name is Kai

-Really ??!

-Yes, well..on the rumor

He is a student ?? In our school ? In our class ??

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