Poor Tradition

[Book 2 to the Prince Charming series] "From all families why did it have to be yours." [©All rights reserved to Gabby W.] (Cover by Fangirling Expert)


9. Chapter 8

Mark's P.O.V

I need to stop this. Annabel is getting into something really bad and our family isn't going to be known as the poor family that got kicked out of the Poor Tradition. 


I walked over to Isabella. I know she will help me. She just seems like the person who gets things done.


"Hi, Isabella. I'm Mark. Annabel's brother," I introduced. Isabella turned from her friends. She smiled brightly at me.


"Nice to meet you, Mark! It's nice to meet Anna's family. She is such a nice person," she chirped. Man! This girl is really nice. It's kind of creepy.... I thought. "Is there a reason you came over here? Not to be rude or anything. It was just so suddenly you introduced yourself," she added.


"Yes, there is. I wanted to talk to about Anna and Ashton," I started and then told her everything I heard earlier.


"Are you sure?" She asked and I nodded. She started to get mad. "I can't believe this! We have to do something or this whole arrangement will be ruined!" she almost shouted out.


"I have an idea but you have to promise that you can't tell anyone," I said and she nodded. I whispered my plan into her ear.

Annabel's P.O.V

I saw Mark over in the corner with Isabella. This can't be good. I walked over to Ashton. His smile widen when I got near.


"Mark is talking to Isabella," I whispered to him. He looked over to where they are.


"He's probably just being nice and introducing himself," Ashton pointed out.


"Mark knows about what you said. He heard you, Ashton! When Mark wants something done then he does it himself. He told me earlier that he wanted me to stop talking to you. What do we do?" I asked. Ashton was silent a moment.


"We just have to to make sure he and Isabella don't see us together. If we don't act like a couple around them then they don't have proof that we are dating, do they?" he explained. I thought about it. He was right. If they don't see us together as a couple then they can't possibly confront us.


"You're right. But I just hate lying and sneaking around with someone behind someone's back," I admitted. Ashton nodded like he understood. 


"Me too but if we want to make this work then we got too."

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