Poor Tradition

[Book 2 to the Prince Charming series] "From all families why did it have to be yours." [©All rights reserved to Gabby W.] (Cover by Fangirling Expert)


6. Chapter 5

"Hey, Anna!" Ashton chirped as I walked out of my room the next morning. I smiled.


"Were you there the whole time or did you just walk out?" I asked. 


"Just walked out. Isabella and I are going to lunch with my mother. She has something to tell us," he answered. He was dressed really nice in a button-up shirt and jeans. Ashton isn't the kind of guy to wear suits I found out from the couple of days I've been here. 


"Well have fun!" I replied. I heard my name being called behind me. It was Isabella.


"Anna! So nice to see you!" she squealed as she hugged me. I hugged back. I have to be careful of her. Like Ashton said, she is only nice when she wants something her way.


"Hey, Isabella. Ashton was just telling me you and he was going to see the queen for lunch. Isn't a little early for lunch?" I asked. 


"The queen likes to skip breakfast and go right to lunch. Doesn't make sense but who cares! She's the queen!" Isabella answered. I had to agree with her. The Queen can do whatever she wants. Isabella's eyes went wide. "Do you want to come with us? I want you to be there when the queen tells us the secret," she squealed again. She sure likes to squeal. 


"I don't know..." I trailed off. I wasn't invited by the Queen so I don't want to interrupt.


"Come on, Anna! You should come," Ashton begged. I sighed.


"Okay! Fine!" I replied. Isabella squealed and grabbed my hand. 


"Come on!" she shouted as she pulled me to the carriage that was waiting for us. We met the Queen at one of the small cafes in the town. 


"How lovely! You brought Annabel! Come! Sit!" The Queen said, motioning me to sit down. I sat down between Ashton and Isabella.  "Now," she continued. "Isabella's father and I had come to an agreement," she added.


"And?" Ashton asked.


"And we decided it would be best if you and Isabella got married," the Queen finished with a big smile. I looked over to Ashton and he didn't look happy.

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