Poor Tradition

[Book 2 to the Prince Charming series] "From all families why did it have to be yours." [©All rights reserved to Gabby W.] (Cover by Fangirling Expert)


4. Chapter 3

"I was just asking Ashton how this whole thing works. I'll just go," I said and started backing up.


"No! Stay! I also came down here to meet the poor people Ashton has chosen to take in," Isabella chirped. I stopped backing up and gave her a small smile. 


"Okay. Well, I'm Annabel but you can call me Anna if you would like," I introduced. She smiled brightly at me.


"That is such a beautiful name! I'm Isabella but you probably already knew that. Nice to meet you!" she exclaimed. She was really nice. I heard from my friend, Willow, whose father works as a guard that Isabella is rude and bossy. I'm not a guard so I guess I won't see the bossy side of her. "Well! I have to go. The Queen wanted me to join her for tea," she squealed and ran off. 


"She seems nice," I said after a couple of minutes of silence.  Ashton chuckled. I looked at him confused.


"Isabella is far from nice. She is only nice when she wants something but when she can't have it she gets mean and throws an awful fit," Ashton stated. 


"Wow. She sounds like a spoiled brat," I mumbled but Ashton heard and chuckled.


"Yeah but overall, she can be a good friend," Ashton stated. "But enough about Isabella. Since we are talking I want to know all about you," Ashton added. I blushed. No guy ever wanted to know anything about me especially a prince.


"Well, what do you want to know about me?" I asked.


"What is your favorite color?" he asked. We decided to sit on a bench so we didn't get tired of standing. 


"Black," I answered. Ashton looked shocked.


"Really?" he asked. I nodded. "I just thought since you are a girl you would like pink or purple," he added.


"Well think again, rich kid," I replied with a giggle. He chuckled along with me. We continued doing that. Ashton asking me questions and I answer them. It was quite nice. I was born in England before I moved to Inica because of a dark past and I didn't have many friends but talking to Ashton made it better. Like we were friends forever.


"Last question before we go have dinner. It said on the paper you moved from England to Inica. Why?" he asked. I couldn't really tell him the truth. We came here for a fresh start. 


"Because my family wasn't doing good there so we thought we could do better here. Turns out that we were wrong," I answered. Before Ashton could answer, one of the butlers came to get us for dinner.

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