Poor Tradition

[Book 2 to the Prince Charming series] "From all families why did it have to be yours." [©All rights reserved to Gabby W.] (Cover by Fangirling Expert)


2. Chapter 1

Annabel's P.O.V


"Anna! We got to go! We'll miss our ride to the castle!" my mom shouted. I was still reading the letter that states that we were picked for the Poor Tradition. "I know you don't really want to do this but this will help us so much," my mom explained while rubbing my shoulders. I picked up my one bag I had. This is stupid. Why does the prince have to show how loyal he is by taking in one poor family? If he wants to show how loyal he is then why can't he just give everyone money! 


"This is stupid," I mumbled as we all walked out to the carriage with two white horses pulling it. It's a beautiful carriage I give them that but I don't think I want the royal family giving us money that we can earn ourselves because they want to make sure everyone believes that the prince will be a great ruler. And why a whole year? One whole year of my life I will have to spend with a prince I have never seen or met and who knows how he is like! He might be mean or something!


"Come on, Anna. It'll be fun!" my older brother, Mark chirped as I sat next to him. Mom and dad were across from us. Mark is 22 and I'm 21. I only stay with my parents to help out. Also because not a lot of girls move out by themselves in Inica. They think of it as unsafe and not lady-like. Mark could go out and live by himself but he wants to stay and help dad with farming. Dad is getting old and needs a lot of help. 


"How is spending a year in a spoiled prince's castle going to be fun?" I asked. Mom rolled her eyes. I never understood my mom. Her family was rich. Dad's family wasn't. If she wanted money so much then why marry my dad and marry a rich guy like her parents wanted her too. I guess love really blinds some people. 


"Stop complaining. This is happening and you have nothing to say about it," she replied. She didn't answer my question but at this point, I didn't care. 



When we arrived at the castle there were already people waiting for us. We were surrounded by all kind of people. Tailors, cooks, butlers and many other kinds of helpers were asking us what we wanted. Cooks were asking us what we wanted to eat and tailors were measuring to see what our sizes were. I had to admit that it was pretty cool.


"I will be right back so you can see the queen, princes, and princess in nice formal clothes," the tailor said and ran off. The butler showed us to our rooms so we can settle down. My room was impressively beautiful! It had a huge queen size bed and beautiful pillows and blankets to go with it. It had a walk-in closet and a big mirror.  I heard a knock on my door. It was the tailor. "Here you go ma'am," he said and handed me a gown. That was fast.


"Thank you," I replied. He nodded and ran off. I took a bath and got into my gown. It was beautiful! It was dark blue with small jewels around the neck. Now I was ready to see the Queen and the future king.


I walked out of my room. There was a maid waiting outside.


"I'm so glad you are done. I'm Katerina Belle, your maid. I know we will become great friends!" she squealed. I chuckled. "Don't worry about introducing yourself. I already know your name," she added. I smiled.


"Well that is a relief," I replied. She giggled. 


"Now follow me. I will show you where the queen, princes, and princess is," she changed the subject and started walking. I followed behind.

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