They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


9. Welcome Home...


The boy dropped to the ground, passed out. Something inside me didn't let me kill him, but I am Starving! I suddenly heard a chuckle behind me and I wiped around to see a familiar face. It was my best friend, Rein. He knows what I do like killing Mother, Father and a few doctors and nurses.

"R-Rein! Good to see ya b-buddy!" I bounded over to the white haired male leaning on a tree my head twitching to the left making a sicking pop.

"Yes, it's been some time, Thorn " Rein said making himself lean off the oak covered tree to walk to me.

"What h-have you been doing my o-oh so loyal spirit." I faked a bow with a huge shark toothed grin on my face my finger twitching softly. "All is well my dear. You been having fun?" He asked making a hand sign so I would stand on my own two bare feet.

"V-very much. Where h-have you been all y-year?" I pouted crossing my arms over my chest. I still had the jacket on but the hands where loose enough for my hands to slip through.

"You know, out. Beating up people, keeping a faithful watch on you, making sure your still insane as ever." He listed his ice blue eyes to the black sky while keeping his numbers in check with his almost white hand.

"Well t-thank you. Now h-help me me m-move this kid to the c-cabin we hung at, R-Rein." I said walking to the passed out boy I fought, his arm was still bleeding and just the sight of the thick red blood around his sun tanned arm made my stomach growl.

"And lets h-hurry, I'm s-starving." I grabbed his other arm that wasn't leaking the amazing red liquid and my Blue snowflake hoodie wearing friend grabbed his other arm, making his Blue hoodie a deep red and the white snowflakes red as the blood dripping from the boys arm.

"Lets go. We have some ways till we get to that place." Rein Signed, "And he's kinda heavy too..." He complained but didn't let the boys arm leave his shoulder.

"Stop c-complaining dude, I'm s-starving my anus off a-and your complaining about him b-being heavy." I playfully hit his leg with my own and he gave a low growl but again did nothing but walk north to the cabin I had as a kid. Rein was a weird looking kid, that's what made Thorn go to him. He had always wore a blue hoodie graced with white snowflakes, black jeans and matching black shoes with blue snowflakes. He had pure white hair and ice blue eyes, but he also had pointed ears like an elf and sharp teeth like Thorns. Yes, a very strange boy but it was equal with Thorn's own strange looks. A hair cut much like the elf boys, she had cut it with some broken glass she had found and cut it short, it wont get in the way then. Her black and white hair, half black and half white, one black dot lower on the white side and a white dot higher on the black side. Ruby red eyes, brighter then a Albino's eyes or the scary monsters under the bed's. Sharp Teeth like a predator or a staved tiger finding a dead animal. Now with a light orange straight suit with the arms in front, but her hands to her sides, black jeans and no shoes. Yep, they were the perfect pair of freaks.

About half an hour later Thorn and Rein came across the old wooden cabin Thorn had as a kid, she would meet Rein there all the time and play with each other for hours before night fall when young Thorn had to go home, only to go back the next day and repeat all over again for 12 Years, which makes her 17 years old now and 16 when she went to the asylum.

"C-come on, Rein." I grunted as we slowly moved us and the black haired boy to the front of the small cabin.

"Why is this kid so heavy?!" Rein growled moving forward with all his might, which was quite a lot, and made it to the cabin door. 

"At l-least were here, s-so stop complaining." I mutter as we walked slowly to the couch and dropped the boy on it, making him jump a bit, but stayed asleep. (Passed-Out)

"What ever." Rein muttered plopping on the soft couch with his arms crossed, lips sealed in a childish pout. Thorn rolled her eyes and walked to the old, cob-webbed covered kitchen, her bare feet making a soft thud on the oak wood floors. Thorn crouched down in front of the cupboard and opened it, making a low 'sqeeeeek' come from the door's mouth and reached in the small place and grabbed a thick object. A rope. Thorn gripped the string in her hand and dragged her feet back to the living room the elf was still pouting in.

"S-stop pouting you c-child." She growled playfully and said, "Now s-sit him u-up." The elf nodded and moved forward with his hands out to grip the boys shoulders, jerking him roughly forward with his arms at his sides and his head nodded down wards. Thorn sighed and reached forward, putting the rope around his arms and back and repeated the motion until the end Thorn held was short, then the tied the rope in one big knot.

"Done?" Rein asked, an eye-brow raised. "He's heavy." Thorn stared at him for a moment and nodded. Rein gave a grin and let go of the unnamed boy's shoulders, letting him drop back into the warm embrace of the couch.

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