They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


10. Wake-y Wake-y

_Liam POV_

I woke up and groaned, wanting to move my hand to put to my head but found I could not do so and looked down to see dull yellow ropes tied around my torso holding my arms to my sides. Urg, this was a pain indeed. I wiggled around a bit, but the ropes wouldn't budge. I suddenly felt a movement to my left and saw Thorn stirring awake and opened her ruby eyes.

"Oh, your awake now." She said and stretched her body out then stood up. "Hungry?" I shook my head quickly. Okay, I was starving but she could poison the food! Thorn rolled her eyes and walked to the kitchen and came back out five minuets later with a tray off ham and cheese sandwiches. She took one into her hand and slowly bit into it, teasing me, as if she knew I was starved. 

"You sure?" She asked, a evil smirk on her face. I signed and tried to forget about my paranoia and shook my head.

"Can I have some?" I asked against my minds will. What could happen, it's food right? It could be poisoned! But ill take that risk. Thorn nodded and stuffed the sandwich in my open mouth. I chewed and sadly, it was amazing. The taste was out of this world and I just wanted more and more of it. After she fed me most of the sandwiches she set the tray down on the carpet floor and sat with her legs on the couch, sitting cris-cross but with her right leg on top of her left. Strange....

"So....." She muttered and twiddled her thumbs.

"Can you untie me now?" I ask hopefully. She giggled and shook her head softly at my request.
"And why not?" I growled. "You can try and escape." She said like it was common sense. "Okay, how about this.." She trailed off and took a deep breath.

"REIN!!!" She screeched. In seconds a boy with white hair, blue eyes, pointed ears, blue hood, black jeans, and blue sneakers. 

"Yes?" He asked standing like a board. "Chains." Thorn smirked that sharp tooth smirk. 'Rein' nodded and ran out the room and came back with a long chain with a cuff on the end.

"Whats that?" I growled, my gaze to the chain in Rein's hands. "A chain." He said and gave it to Thorn who threw it over her shoulder and walked into the hall way, leaving a door open. Rein came over to me and put me over his shoulder like a sack of potato's and walked down the short hallway into the bedroom Thorn had entered. Inside was a simple twin sized bed with gray sheets and blanket with two white pillows, a oak dresser and mirror and another oak door, which I'm guessing is the bathroom. On the floor was Thorn with the chain's cuff in her hands and the end of it, chained to the floor. That scared me.

"What the hell?!" I yelled wiggling on Rein's shoulder. What the actual hell? Why was the chain chained to the floor?

"What is that for!?" I yelled again. Thorn answered, "Their for you!" She said happily. "WHY?!" I yelled, an ink mark on my forehead.

"Oh, I thought you didn't like being tied up, so I thought I'll chain your foot to the ground!" She said. I signed, no use in fighting back, she has the upper-hand.

I nodded my head in defeat, "Fine." Thorn grinned and Rein dropped me on the floor next to her.

"I'll chain your foot, then I'll untie you. Agree?" She asked. I didn't respond. Thorn glared her red eyes in my direction. "Agreed?" She asked again, but more deadly. My own brown eyes widened and I nodded my head with a quick motion. "Yes." I managed to get out and she chuckled, bringing her hand closer to my foot and snapped the chain on, grabbing a large medal key I failed to notice, and locking it in place.

"There." She said, admiring her 'work'. "Untie me now." I groaned in annoyance. ''Fine, Fine.'' She waved her hand in a dismissing manner and pulled out a knife then reached behind my back putting the rope clean off my chest and did the same to my hands. I rubbed my wrist, which was red from the rope.

"Thank you." I said. "Oh, Shut up." Rein growled. I guess he doesn't like me that much. Or at all for that matter. 

"Calm it, Rein! Be yourself now!" Thorn laughed, patting the elf's shoulder making him smile a bit. "Fine." He said and patted my head. It felt weird having an Elf that's taller than you, pat your head. But, alright, whatever works.

"So....What now?" I ask like it was normal. Thorn answered, "You stay right there." I signed. "What if I have to go to the bathroom? Or take a bath? Eat?" I gave a list of three questions.

"Bathroom is to your right." Rein said, pointing to the door. "The chain is long enough and we wont enter the room. Well, Thorn most likely will." He said.

"Bath, just tell one of us and we will Unchain you and wait outside the bathroom till you come out."

"Eat, Just call one of us." They said in unison like Hikaru and Kaoru. Creepy twins. "What If I have to change?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows. "Call Rein." "Call Me." They both said at the same time, but saying different things. Soon enough they left and I was left alone. I got up and walked into the bathroom, seeing the normal stuff you'd see in a bathroom. A white sink, white toilet, and a white shower with light blue tiles. I looked into the mirror and saw myself. Black hair a mess and brown, tired eyes. I had dark bags, even though I had been passed out for a long time and ended up a tired mess.

"Well.." I muttered and caught a terrible smell. My nose scrunched up in disgusted. I smelt my self and reeled back, already making the decision to take a shower. I looked down at the chain and tried to figure out a way to get rid of it so I could bathe. No idea's came to mind so I just signed. I looked around for a towel and saw none. I walked back out then opened the door.

"Rein? I need a towel!" I yelled for the elf and soon he appeared in front of me holding out a white towel. "Here." He said, but push his way through and into the bedroom.

"Uh..What are you doing?" I tilted my head at him. Rein rolled his eyes and held up the key. "Changing and the shower. I'm staying in here until you come out." He said and never asked if it was okay. We suddenly heard a loud 'Crash!'. Rein signed and shook his head.

"Thorn and Tango must be fighting. Again." Rein bent down and unlocked the cuff, allowing me to shake my ankle of the soar feeling.

"THORN! TANGO! STOP FIGHTING AND ACT YOUR AGE!!" A loud, mean voice yelled and in fell silent again. "Oh shush Mako." I heard a pouting Thorn say and then children laughing.

"Who's Tango...?" I ask slowly, afraid the elf would snap at me. He signed and shook his head with a smile. "The other people who live with us. Slither, Tango, Candy, Mako, Kino, Thorn and me, Rein." He listed. I gaped at him. Seven people under one roof?

"How old are they?'' I asked, snaking my shirt over my head. "Candy and Kino are the children, Candy 12, Kino 13. Mako is 17, Tango 17, Slither 17, me 18 and Thorn 16." He said and closed his eyes so I could finish. I ran to the bathroom, while getting the towel from Rein and wrapping it around my wait and started the water. 

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