They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


2. Strange Girl.

 Man, Class is so boring. The bell would ring in a few minuets but that's to long for me. And plus when I get out of his Hell hole its summer break but no, mom wont let me skip the last day nor will Jeremy. 


Yes! I jump out of my seat and run out the door with Mr.Snotworth calling out 'Liam Martan! Get back here!' and Jeremy running after me.

"L-Liam!" Jeremy Calls out I would keep going but I slowed down seeing red from the end of the hall way.

"Liam! Hey! L-Liam?" Jeremy waves his hand in front of my face but i push it away and walk to the end of the hall. The red gets darker and i furrow my eyebrows.

"Liam? Whats that?" 

"I'm not sure. Lets check it out." I jog the rest of the way and when I stop my eyes wont shut. The medal smell fills my nose and my hands shake at my sides. Jeremy comes and stops beside me his eyes as wide as mine.

On the wall we see three people. Two blonde and a brown head. All dead with the blood written words Sweet Dreams' over their heads. I can hear the other kids run down the hall and ear breaking screams split the air. Teachers come out from their class rooms and students peek out the doors but cant see a thing.

"CALL 911!!!!" A student yells and a teacher takes out a phone and call. Soon enough we hear the police and ambulance come rushing in with beds to put the body's on.

I don't know why or how but I found myself running out the gate of the school and Jeremy calling my name in the distance. I'm not sure how long I was running but I soon bumped into somebody and fell on my butt :/

"HEY!" A female voice said--er yelled. I groaned and looked in front of me to see a strange girl. Her hair was something I've never seen before. Half was black the other half was white. Each side had a dot on it. On the black side a white dot towards the top and the other a black on the white towards the bottom. Her hair went to her collarbone with skin like snow with the Strangest red eyes... I can't see what clothing she's wearing because she has a brown jacket outlined in white fur that ran to her ankles. I only saw worn out black tennis shoes. 

"Watch it h-human!" She growled with her teeth showing. This scared me to death. Her teeth were like a shark, sharp as a knife and I could see her shoulder twitch then her right leg then her left eye. Whats wrong with this girl?

Human? What dose that mean?

"Hey sorry lady. You alright?" I ask slowly getting to my feet and looked at her face again. Then I noticed a small upwards streak of red on her right cheek. That kinda looks like blood...

"H-Hey! Are you okay!?" I ask looking down at her in worry. The girl looked confused and tilted her head. I held out my hand and she stared at it with narrowed eyes. Slowly she reached her hand out to mine and grabbed it softly and I pulled her up. Soon I hear panting behind me and turn to see Jeremy. His hands on his knees and trying to get air into his lungs.

"Jeremy? What are you doing?" I ask the girls hand still in mine.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING'?! YOU RAN OFF!!" Jeremy yells a ink mark on his head as he yelled pointing a finger at me.

"Jeremy calm down bro.." I mutter fearing if he yelled anymore his voice would be lost into the world.

"HOW CAN I- Oh wait who's that?" Jeremy said looking to the girl for the first time.

"Um...I'm not sure..." I mutter Jeremy smirks.

"Then why are you holding her hand?" Jeremy had a I-Totally-caught-you-and-your-girlfriend look and i face palm. Then I blush a few shades of pink when I noticed our hands.

"Ah! Sorry Miss...?" I ask/say as she smiles and I see one sharp tooth over her bottom lip.

"Oh. Sorry I'm T-Thorn Ivers-son." She did a slight bow and I grinned, "I'm Liam Martan! And This nerd is Jeremy Connor!"

"It's n-nice to meet you. I'm D-deeply sorry for y-yelling." Her shoulder twitches and then her right leg. This chick is one weird one.

"Thorn? I never heard of a name like that before...'' Jeremy pushes up his glasses and runs his fingers through his acorn colored hair and signs.

 "Yeah me neither..." I rub my chin in deep thought.

"I-I can still h-hear you...." Thorn mutters pulling her jacket on her tighter. Jeremy blushes and hides his face behind his short bangs.

"Sorry Thorn." Jeremy chuckles rubbing the back of his head. Jeremy was a short boy. A nerd at that. Short acorn hair and matching Gold eyes. He normally wore a white elbow shirt with a black vest and red tie, black slacks and dress shoes. So a very proper boy. We been best friends since the 1st grade and now were're in our last year of high school. We have gone a very long way, but this is off topic..

Thorn nods and shuffles her feet together. Now that I notice it, i think she's in our school.

"Hey Thorn? Were do you go to school at?" I ask my eyebrows furrowing in wonder. I swear I saw her before in my school. Last time she was with Jordan, Cameron, and Emily..strange..

"S-School? *twitch* M-Mildfire High. W-Why?" Thorn tilts her head again, black hair mixing with a bit of white as the movement takes place.

"Just wondering." I sign and look at Jeremy who is staring at Thorns teeth. I see his mouth open to ask but I shake my head and he slowly closes it.

"We better get going about now. Again I'm sorry for running into you." I did a low bow and Jeremy followed my action and Thorn nodded and ran the way she was normally going. When she was out of hearing distance Jeremy looked at me and asked the one question i been wondering.

"Why is her teeth like that?"

"I'm not sure. Lets not ask about it now. If we befriend her we could maybe ask..I don't know." I sign and look were Thorn ran and see her slam a door open and close.

'whats with that girl?'

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