They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


5. Research

After that girl left me and Jeremy went to my house, forgetting school and mom wasn't home yet so we get the house to ourselves. When we get to our room we sat on the bed and started talking.

"Okay first her name." Jeremy got out a new notebook and pen and put the pen over the paper when asking this.

"Thorn Iverson." I said like a soldier.

"Hair." Jeremy's pen quickly went across the paper as if it been there already.

"Yin Yang look."


"Ruby Red."


"A long brown coat outlined in white fur. Black tennis shoes."

"Side Looks."

"Teeth like a shark. Blood on cheek. Twitching and stuttering."

"The teeth? Shark huh? Strange we must look into this girl, Liam." Jeremy says looking up at me from his glasses with a determined gleam.

"What about her twitching?" I ask. I never seen or met anyone with a twitching or stuttering like that before.

"I'll look it up, were's your lab top?" Jeremy stands from the bed and looks around a bit.

"On my desk, the normal place Jeremy..." I sign. Knowing me Jeremy should have knew that, I always have my Lab top on my desk. Jeremy roles his eyes and sits on the bed with the computer in his lap, typing my password, 'incorrect' and going on google and searched, 'What infection causes twitching?' when he pressed 'enter' a bunch of websites came up, most said Tourettes Syndrome, a infection which causes uncontrollable twitching and stuttering.

"Well, that's it. That girl had Tourettes Syndrome. But what about her teeth? Or red eyes?" Jeremy was full of questions muttering most under his breath and tapping his middle finger on his knee.

"Look it up smart guy." I sign for what seems like the thousandth time today and his face brightens up and starts typing on the computer with a look on pure something.

"She also can't be an Albino....maybe she dyed her hair? No, it looked natural...." Jeremy was muttering as his finger typed away. After a while I asked if he found anything, Jeremy slowly started nodding his head and then faster till i thought it was gonna fly off his body.


"It's all natural but nothing on her teeth..." Jeremy placed his hand to his face in deep thought. "I'm not sure what it is though." Now this, this was rare. Jeremy always knew, he never gave up till he had a good enough answer and that answer is logical.

"Well, all we can do is befriend her i guess." I said and ran my finger through my hair. This 'case' was a little difficult, even though Jeremy was doing all the work. Glancing out the window I saw it was dawn, dang, time went by fast. It was most likely 7:00 or a little before.

"Jeremy. You should go home now, your mom will be worried." Jeremy nodded and grabbed his Book bag, leaving the computer on my bed and giving me a wave and closed the bedroom door. I signed and let myself fall on the bed with my arm over my eyes and let darkness consume me.

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