They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


8. Caught

A year passed since that Thorn girl left and to be honest, i'm happy about it. It's just something about her that made me uneasy. But when I heard that Iverson household died but the daughter was never found scared me, for a month I just stayed in my room, Jeremy coming over everyday to force me to eat, sleep, and shower, heck he even stayed the night for two weeks! But that's not the point, right now me and Jeremy are walking in the woods, heading towards the Metal or Insane Asylum to check it out, we heard a crazy person escaped and the thought of Thorn never crossed my mind as a possibility. 

"Liam? Do You think this is s-safe" Jeremy stuttered his hunched figure shaking a bit as he clung onto the flashlight for dear life.

"Yes, I wouldn't bring you out here if It wasn't." I really didn't know if it was safe or not, Jeremy was shaking and I was considering going back home but decided against it. I was not gonna walk for an hour (10 Minuets) and turn back now! Jeremy stopped and stared at some trees ahead of us.

"Jeremy? Hey what is it?" I asked looking between the nerd and the trees. Jeremy stuttered out, "Somebody's here." That one sentence made my heart drop.

"What do you mean, 'Somebody's here' Jeremy?" He didn't answer "Tell me!" I said poking his shoulder, "Somebody jumped into the tree." Jeremy whispered pointing to a tree to our left.

"Really? Well, lets check it out!" I grinned and started towards the tree Jeremy pointed to, "Wait! Liam! W-What if that person hurts us?!" Jeremy cried out clutching onto my arm for dear life with the flashlight joined with mine at the tree.

"I'll fight them off, stop worrying buddy." I said petting his head with my free hand he was holding. "A-Alright..." Jeremy stuttered. I can tell he really didn't want to go to that tree, but I did anyways, besides i'll protect this kid with my life! Just thinking about it gives me more confidence.

I stopped at the trunk of the tree and pointed my flashlight up into the tree. I made my eyes see what scared me, dull tan in the tree, leaned on the trunk, staring right at me. My body shook a bit and Jeremy looked up into the tree, I didn't see his reaction, I was so busy staring back at the Red eyes watching me, my every move and breath. I see the person's legs bend as they move so their facing me and their eyes still watching me like prey. I tugged Jeremy behind me for his own safety. I didn't need him getting into this crap.

The person's eyes were wide and unblinking then with fast and swift moving they lunched towards me. I let out a tiny scream and pushed Jeremy back when I backed up a good yard away from the person and the tree. I pointed my flashlight at her (I see it's a female) and saw a straight-jacket on her, arms pinned to her sides put her fingers peeked through a bit. Her long black and white hair to her waist and her black jeans mostly hidden my the jacket. I saw a chain on her ankles, the chain was broken but the cuff and some chain was still dangling off dragging behind her. Another on her neck hanging to her mid-back.

"Who are you?!" I yelled my arm out hiding Jeremy more.

"..." The girl didn't answer but she had a mouth guard around her neck with bite marks in it. "Grrrr....." A low growl came from the girl as she stalked to me slowly her teeth bared.

"WHO ARE YOU!?!?!?!" I screamed glaring into her ruby eyes. This only seemed to make her growl more and she walked faster towards me and Jeremy. I signed and looked around and pushed Jeremy to the exit were we came from, "Go, I'll meet up with you soon. Run!" I turned back to the girl, hearing Jeremy's footsteps fade away.

The girl was close and with her swift movements, jumped forward, her mouth opened wide ready to chomp down on my arm. I quickly moved aside barely missing her pointed teeth. Her feet slid on the dirt and turned to me again and launched, her mouth open and arms out. I gave a gasp and stumbled back in pain as her sharp teeth and nails dug deep into my arm.

"Get the hell of me!" I yelled hitting her head with my hand, I dropped the flashlight when she bit my arm and it was pointed to us, giving me a clear view of her face, a face I knew for a day and a half, Thorn Iverson. The missing member of the Iverson household who died a year ago. I let out a gasp of shock and started hitting her head with my fist. She had an Iron grip that's for sure. Thorn growled and bit down harder before jumping back off me. I grabbed my arm where she bit and saw the flesh around the bite was ripped and bleeding. This is gonna be hard stitching up, the torn skin and all is hard to stitch. I looked back up to see (or not) Thorn was gone. My wide eyes looked throughout the area, looking for the red eyed girl. A sharp pain in the back of my neck stopped my mini search and I fell forward, darkness around my eyesight covored my eyes until I couldn't see. It was black.

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