They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


3. At Home is Hell. Not anymore..

After the meeting with the brown haired guy and  the black haired one I ran into the house and smelled beer, cigars and other things for drugs. My nose disagreed with the smell, but was use to it nothing less.

"THORN!?!!" A male voice screamed from the kitchen and I put on a fake smile, not showing my teeth. Dad hates when I show my teeth. Slowly I walked into the kitchen with my hands behind my back innocently.

"Yes Father?" I ask as sweet as I can. He smiles a bit, a drunk smile not a nice smile. A smile of abuse.

"Entertain me my dear daughter."He chuckled. oh, how I wished to see his bloody corps on the marble floor.  But, that has to wait. Just for a bit longer.

"Entertain yourself father." I say smiling, now showing my teeth making Father glares and slams his beer bottle on the wooden table making my grin bigger.

"LISTEN TO ME YOU BRAT!!!!" He screams. How i wish his screams were in Pain. Pleading to live his worthless life for more abuse of his Child. No more my dear father, you see, I'm not insane.

"No father. You listen to me." I chuckle like Father normally does but, more evil if i say.

Father gets mad and grabs my neck and hold me against the wall, cutting off my breathing and weakly punching me in the stomach. That didn't hurt father. I let this go on for a while until I get bored. I sign --or try to--- and pull my feet to my chest so my shoes are on fathers chest and kick making him fall on the table, going through the wood with his weight onto his back. I drop to the ground in a crouch and walk like a wolf over his body with my shark teeth bared like a feral animal, growling.

"W-What the hell?!" Father yells and tries to crawl backwards but winces at a piece of wood stuck on his back.

"Goodnight Father. Sleep well....not." I laugh and lean my head to his neck and smell before breathing out and opening my mouth and closing it harshly on his neck. A scream echo's through the old house bouncing off the walls and into my ears like a peaceful tune of a wonderful song.

I shack my head like a wolf getting skin off a deer and rip the skin clear off his neck and sit on my bottom and smell the bloody flesh and lick it. Not bad...not bad. I take a bite and my eyes widen at the taste. Soon enough the fresh flesh is gone and blood covers my mouth as i start eating off of Fathers neck. The light faded a long while ago, as soon as my teeth came off his neck he was gone forever.

Once I finished my 'meal' i dragged his body to the wall and wrote in blood once again. 'Sweet Dreams'


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