Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


20. Twenty

Caitlin placed her hand on his face and tried to get him to calm down and focus. "Barry, please calm down and let me explain. You can't just rush out and hurt them."

"Caitlin why are you siding with them. They hurt you and you want me to let it go. Caitlin look at yourself, they can't hurt people that I care about and expect me to do nothing."

 "It's hard to explain and I know it is hard to just let it go but please. You have to trust me. I'm fine and we need more on them before we juts decide to run in there blind."

Barry nodded but she could see that he we still angry. She also realised that her hand was still on his face. She hadn't realised that she hadn't removed it. She hesitated and her dreams came rushing down. She saw her standing over Barry and then stabbing him. As if getting w shock she removed her hands and stepped back. Barry realised this and saw Caitlin not making eye contact. She was definitely hiding something from him and if he pushed her then she was going to keep shutting down. She was stubborn in that sense. 


"We should have killed him when we had the chance. He is alive and what it to say that he gets someone to come find you," said Ethan. 

"Trust me honey, leaving him alive was the best punishment for him. He will wish that I killed him. His worst nightmares will come alive and he will beg to make it stop but he will have to live with it."

"I wish I was there for you when he started to make your life miserable. He hurt you so many times at bat you were willing to kill yourself."

Stacey sat on Ethan's lap and gave him a kiss. She hugged him as she appreciated him trying to help her. She had met him online when she was desperate to for someone to talk to. They had at first just talked but then they fell in love. 

"I wasn't able to protect you then but I will be with you from now on. We will take our revenge on STAR Labs and Joanah."


Caitlin once agin sat on her bed scared to go to sleep. She wanted to tell Barry the truth it this all was scaring her. She didn't know what to do? Joe advised her to tell someone, if not Barry then Dr Wells. Joe and her and filled in Dr Wells that day and he had said that he would look into it and try and sort it all up. 

She lay her head on her pillow but she heard footsteps down the hall. She got up and slowly walked up to her door and looked out. No one was there. She was about go back she the noise cam again. Taking in a deep breath she went out. 

She walked down slowly fear at the back of her mind. She turned on the lights to the living room. There stood Reverse Flash. He looked angry as soon as he saw her, he ran to her and stood in front of her blocking her way to her room. She screamed and next thing she knew was she was at Central City Park. 

"What... What do you want from me. You shouldn't be here."

"I'm here to make your worst nightmare come true."

"Leave her out of this. Me is the one you want."

Caitlin tuned around when she heard the familiar vioce of Flash. "Barry, no." But before Caitlin could do or say anything, Reverse Flash and Flash ran towards each other and started to fight. Cailitn closed her eyes trying to think of how it stop this. 

When she opened her eyes and something was different. Her eyes were no longer her brown sweet and warm. They were cold and white. She let out a heavy breath and cold smoke came out of her mouth. Her powers were back. She looked down at her hands and sure enough they were cold and smoke came out. 

She raised her hands and pushed them towards Flash and Reverse Flash were fighting. The floor turned to ice and they slipped. She was about to freeze Reverse Flash again, he zoomed towards  her and pushed her. She flew and hit her head on the tree truck. She tried to get up again but he dragged her and threw her again and hitting the bench. He zoomed around her and the circle cyclone started to restrict her air supply. 

Flash came to her side and tried to stop revserse Flash. Caitlin having enough of this all, raised her hands and with w loud bang hit the ground. It froze up and Reverse Flash fell. She raised her hand and a ice stick appreared.

"Caitlin, don't. We can take him in to the prison." 

But she wasn't listening. She stabbed him, he lay there bleeding. Caitlin got up and turned to Flash. She still had the cold and anger in her eyes. "You are next." And with a sharp movement, she stabbed him. He fell to the ground and was bleeding. She placed her hand on his chest and started to freeze him inside out. 


Caitlin woke up screaming. She looked around and found herself at the park. She was sore all over and she was bleeding once again. She tried to get up couldn't. She stared to cry as this all was too much. What was happeneing and how was she to stop this all? All she kept thinking about  was her killing  Barry in all her dreams. She was getting hurt in them and how long would it be before she actually hurt him in real.

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