Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


22. Twenty Two

"I'm sorry Caitlin I may not be able to help you with that. But I know you. You care about him too much. Once before you came to killing him but the bond that you have with him was stronger. You have to trust yourself and fight. Everytime you feel like you want to give up and are scared just remember that you help the Flash and you are braver than you think. You can get through this."

Caitlin gave Iris a smile and a hug. This all may be hard on her and didn't know how it fix it all but she was glad to have someone on her side to help her. "Please don't tell Barry about this. He has a lot on his plate and beside Dr Wells is working on it."


"Do you have anything on Ethan and Stacey. I'm getting sick and tired of always being one step behind them. I'm done playing their games." 

"Barry we have managed to get into the files on Joanah and he wasn't attacked by them. His adrenaline levels were rasise and he was asleep. He was literally scrared."

"Wait what, how can someone be scared to death."

"Mr Allen we are working on that and it we have dealt with many metahumans with abilities that we can't imagine."

"I think I may have a location on Stacey and Ethan," said Caitlin. "When he was here I put a monitor in him and when he left its still in him. Cisco managed to relocate him. Stacey and Ethan have left Central City."

"What? Something doesn't make sense. They haven't finished what they came here for."

"That isn't the issue at moment. Out priority is to make sure that the identity of our special friends are safe. We know what they are capable of."

"We need her help," said Barry. He zoomed out of the labs. 

"His going to meet them isn't he."

Barry stopped when he arrived. Oliver Queen, Diggle and Felecity were discussing their case.

"OMG, Barry. What you doing here?" Asked Felecity as she gave him a hug. 

"Nice of you to drop by," said Oliver.

"Ok we may have a small problem. There was a small break in at our lab. Some information was stolen. We need Felecity's help."

"Yeah what can I help you with."

"Ok so they stole the identifty of all our special friends and all the metahumans that we have encounted. We need to have to let others know that they have to be careful. They are very dangerous."

"Ok, will do. You focus in catching these guys and let me know if you need any help with catching them."

"Thanks and same goes for you." 


Caitlin sat at her desk and tried to locate Ethan. What was the plan. They said that they were going to make STAR Labs pay yet had left. She heard someone talking in the hallway. She tunred around to check. There wasn't anyone there. Cisco was with Joe and Dr Wells went to Jitters to get some coffee. They couldn't have been back so soon. 

Fear rose inside her. "Caitlin, relax. This doesn't have be something weird. It's not like my nightmare." She got up and went towards the sound that she heard. 

She screamed and fell back. She couldn't believe who it was. Lashawn Baez also known as Peek-a-boo was standing there. She was smiling down at her. "How did you get out?" She asked.

"Let's just say that my friends helped me in return for a favour."

Caitlin got up and ran. She had to call Barry. But before she could someone grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Surprised she saw the Mist. He pushed her to the floor and turned into Mist. She held her breath and tried to crawl out of there. She turned around and he was gone. So was peek a boo. 

She ran up to the computer where she had her phone. She dialled Barry's number but before she could call, the Mist was standing in front. He smiled at her and turned to mist and started to choke her. She screamed and pasted out. 


Barry held Caitlin's head as he tried to wake her. He came back to find her passed out in the floor. "Caitlin, come on. Please."

She slowly opened her eyes and they focused to reavel Barry's face. "What happened?" 

"I don't know but I found you here this way. Are you ok."

"I saw the Mist and Peek a Boo. They escaped and the attacked. We aren't safe here. Ethan and Stacey are back and they are letting  the metahumans escape. They are here to get the revage in us."

Barry saw pure fear in Caitlin's eyes. Looking through the computers he checked if all the prisoners were accounted for. "Caitlin, they are in the cells."

Caitlin couldn't believe it. She looked at the screen and sure enough they were there. So what had happened here. Who attacked her? Was she really losing her mind?

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