Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


23. Twenty Three

"What is really happeneing to Caitlin. She is hiding something from me isn't she?" Barry asked Dr Wells. 

"Yes, Mr Allen. If there was I think she would have told you by now. She shared everything with you."

Barry still couldn't let it go. Something was wrong and they were keeping it from them. Then Cisco came in and he was happy. 

"Finally we have some good news. I spoke to Felecity and she has manged to tell our friends to keep an eye out for Stacey and Ethan. With no one calling in anything, it is a good sign that they haven't come in contact with them. Also Ethan and Stacey are where they were located," filled in Cisco. 

"My guess is that they found the locator and desposed it."

"So now they could have actually come back to town and we have no way of locating them unless they are spotted somewhere."

"Yes. Also Mr Allen I looked into your observation about Ethan and his ability to turn invisible. He still can't fully control his abilities so he can't stay invisible for too long. That is why he was caught everytime."

"But still he has been able to get away," said Barry who was frustrated with all this. 

"Joe has been keeping an eye out for them. He had eyes on all bus stops, train stations and airports. If they have gone out of town and have come back, they will be recorded."


Joe went through the CCTV footage from the he bus station. One of the officers and spotted Ethan and Stacey. This was It, it was up to Joe to identify them. He was frustrated with all the grief they had caused Caitlin. 

He paused the video when they were spotted. He called Cisco. "I got them, they arrived  back at Central City at 8:45pm. Don't know where they went but they're here."


Caitlin was working  when Barry came in. She stiffened as she become consious of him there. She tried to act normal and pretend all was well. Trying to calm her breathing and heart rate she turned to him. She was meant to be checking his health and speed rate and all. He started to jog in the treadmill and the speed went faster and faster while Caitlin obversed his heart rate. 

"You're fine, heart rate normal and all. Your speed is also increasing but I would t advise you to take in this sudden speed raise just yet."

Barry noticed that the whole time she didn't make eye contact. Barry held her hand and pulled her close. "Caitlin have I done something? Is it because of the whole kiss thing. I'm sorry if I managed to offend you in someway."

"I'm fine and everything between is fine as well. It's just this is all just too much. You should go check on Joe. He called before and said he found Ethan and Stacey. You guys should start at the station."

She left Barry standing there still confused Abkhazia what happened. Caitlin came back in to find Barry had gone. She was going through the observation of the results for  Barry's test when she saw a shadow at the door. She slowly turned to face who it was and saw it was Barry. She let out a sigh of relief but the stopped when he walked closer. Something was different about him. He had anger in his eyes but he was smiling. 

She took a step back trying to slowly get away from him without raising suspicion. "I thought you were gone to meet up with Joe?" She asked as she still slowly took small steps back. 

"Something is also been bothering me you see. I have been thinking about what Stacey and Ethan have been trying to say. You all ruined their lives with the particle accelerator. Dr Wells did all that so I could get the powers. He didn't think of anyone else and what if I didn't want my powers either. I'm starting  to agree with them."

"Barry what has gotten into you."

"Me, you are the one who is hiding her true self. You are Killer Frost and you are more powerful the  Caitlin Snow. So why hide."

Caitlin turned around to run when she stumbled and hit the corner of the desk. She looked down when she saw the table staring to freeze. No this could not be happening. She couldn't have fallen asleep or was it like last time, when she started to see things even when she wasn't asleep. 

"Wake up Caitlin, wake up. This isn't real and this isn't happening. He is not here and you are try into her. You can fight this and stay sane. As if something took over or Killer Frost took over, she turned to Barry with anger, cold and rage in them. "Let's see if cold is faster than your speed." 

Before Barry could react, she threw her hand to the ground and the floor started to turn to solid ice. Barry tried to take a step but slipped. Getting up he smiled and careful sped towards her. She raised her hand one more time but before she had the chance to do anything Barry pushed her and they both fell hard on the floor. She got up and so did Barry. Everytime Caitlin threw a punch, Barry stopped it. With frustrating raising In both Caitlin froze his feet and jumped on him. They both fell but Caitlin siting on his stomach put out her hand and a ice stick appreared. 

She was about to stab him when she heard someone one calling her name. It wasn't Barry but it sounded like him. The room started to lose focus but she shook her head. She close her eyes and tried to listen to the sound on the voice. She opened them slowly and the room was in focus. She slowly looked down hoping  that she was alone on the floor. Shock at what had happen. She was shocked to see that she wasn't alone. 

Fear rose inside her as she realised that she was siting on top of Barry. She was also holding a pair of scissors in her hands about to stab him in the chest. He was holding her hands just inches away and trying to get her attention. 

What was she about to do? 

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