Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


26. Twenty Six

Barry took and deep breath in and tried to calm himself. Joe was right, there was no point in rushing in. One thing that they had learnt so far is that Ethan and Stacey were well prepared. They knew more them then they did of them. 

"Joe did you find anything from the CCTV footage?" Dr Wells asked. He was calm and collected which Barry wished he could be like. Iris and Caitlin were in trouble and they had no idea how to get them back. 

"I still don't get how they managed to go in but not be recorded coming out?"

"Looks like even though our friend hasn't managed to make his invisiblity last too long but has managed to master making other objects invisible with him," stated Dr Wells. 

"How can you be sure of it."

"Before he escaped, Caitlin and taken blood samples. She never got around to testing it but when we were looking for what effects Stacey's abilities has on her victims we also decided to take a closer look at his. The blood cells were generating fast as when other objects was added, it's molecular structure disappeared. Ethan's blood cells became dominant." 

"So he can make anything he hold invisible with him," great another disadvantage team Flash," said Cisco in disappointment. 

"Ok, so that solves that problem of missing metahumans. So I went back to have another look at the appartment. I found this under the bedside lamp. This proves that they did I fa t go in. If is adressed to Flash.

Barry took the envelope from Joe. Upon opening, a flash drive fell out. "Cisco," he called and he was by his side.

Cisco examined the drive and once it was clear to be harmless, they plugged into the computer. The screen fuzzed before it cleared to show Ethan's face. After a few seconds Stacey came and sat next to Ethan. 

"Hello. If you are watching this then I presume that it is the Flash or his friends watching it. We know who you are but we will keep your secret. After all us metahumans should stick together," laughed Ethan.

"Don't think that we are going to back down. We want STAR Labs to pay for what you have done.  Wells should not get away with the lives he has destroyed. And Flash, you may think you are helping them by saving the city but you are no better than them. You are like a pet."

"You say that you are the fastest man alive so let's put it to the test shall we. You didn't  think we only stole the names and files on metahumans that you gave stashed at STAR Labs? We also stole information in you all working there. We know the main brains that went in behind creating this weapon," added Ethan. 

"So here's the deal Flash, we know the 2 most important people in your loves right now. What's their names.... Oh yeah Dr Caitlin Snow and Iris West. We will soon have them with us. Your job is simple. Try and save both if you can."

"You may think you can save both, well let's see. Is Flash truly the fastest man alive or is he a pet lap dog working for STAR Labs."

And with that the screen went blank. Barry, Cisco, Wells and Joe stood there watching the screen as of hoping for something to happen. 

"Mr Ramon, can you in any way or form track down Ethan or Stacey?" Asked Dr Wells 

"What do they mean save one or can you save both? We know that they want revage on STAR Labs employees but Iris wasn't here when the particle accelerator was made and when I exploded," explained Cisco. 

"I don't know what sick games they are playing but my daughters live is at stack. I want both of them to come back in one piece," wishes Joe.

They were interrupted which a single. Cisco gathered their attention and tried to figure out the source. 

"Guys it's a video. Don't know who it's from a they have secured the line. It may take a while. Do you want me to play the video?"

Barry nodded, he had a feeling deep inside that he knew who it was. 

"Hello, I know you guess are excellent detectives. Sure enough you would have found the flash drive I left you. Flash, I know you care for both this women and want them safe. But I also want my revage. I want all those to pay who have wronged us and gotten away with it. So who would it be Caitlin or Iris. In exactly 2 minutes, they will be taking in their last breath. You have 2 minutes to figure out where they are and save them," laughed Ethan. 

"Honey, don't forget to tell them about the best part," smiled Stacey in the back.

"Oh yeah, they both will be hanging for dear life at the same time. Let's test the Flash and his speed." 

Once again the video fuzzed out and the others were siting  watching a blank screen. This couldn't be happening. How could they have let this come this far.

Barry didn't know what to do or how he felt. The only thing going through his mind was, he cares for both of them. How was he going to choose. He wanted to save both. He has to save both of them. He had disappointed Caitlin once by not being able to help her before and Iris was the one he was in love with. But then again lastly he was questioning that. He didn't know what was happeneing but did he have feelings for Caitlin too. 

He had to put aside this dilemma for now and focus on locating them both and then saving them. Saving both of them. Because at this moment he loved them both too much to let them die.

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