Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


24. Twenty Four

Caitlin couldn't move. What she was worried about was coming true. It was one thing killing Barry in the dreams and getting hurt herself but actually sitting there with a pair of scissors in hand inches away from Barry's chest was another. What was she about to do?

"Caitlin, are you okay? What are you doing?" Barry asks as he pushed away the scissors. 

"I...I do...don't know. I'm sorry, I heard a noise and I just...." Caitlin finally managed to get control of herself. She got up and moved away from Barry. He came closer to put a comforting hand on her shoulder but she moved away. She was scared of what happened. 

"Caitlin, it's ok. It was a mistake." 

"Barry please just go, I need some time to myself. Please."

Hesitating, Barry left Caitlin. He didn't want to because something was happening  and he had to help her. He cared too much for her to let her go throught something alone. 


"Joe, I got here as fast as I could. So what did you find here?'

"I have been asking around and I managed to find out that yes Ethan and Stacey did come last night. They arrived by the last bus from New York."

"They went back to New York and are back but where did they go from here?"

"I have officers canvassing the area but I also have found that there is an apartment under Joanahs name."

"How can that be possible? Joanah is in hospital so it must be Ethan and Stacey. So where is it, I'll check it out."

Joe gave him the address. He noticed that something was bothering him. "Hey Barr, what's wrong?" 

"Caitlin, she won't tell me what is wrong with her. She has been acting weird and I want to help her but she keeps ignoring me. Today she nearly lost it and was about to stab me but then she started acting werid. She doesn't want to talk and keeps changing the topic."

Joe surprised tried to act normal. He didn't want him to know that he knew exactly what was bothering her. "Maybe once this this is all over she will be fine. Stacey really got to her and catching her is our best chance to help her get over this all."

Barry nodded in agreement. She zoomed to the address to find Ethan and Stacey. 


Iris came into to find Dr Wells and Cisco working on helping Caitlin and Finn. She was also worried about Caitlin. She had already so much to deal with and when she had turned into Killer Frost she was hard on herself. With all this she was going to push herself. Iris's found her self to be useless in this situation. Barry cared deeply about her and  she wasn't able to do anything to help. 

"Hey Iris, didn't hear you come in. I think we have finally managed to break down the whole process of what is happening to them," said Cisco. He looked excited which may mean that they had a way to help them. 

"We know that it is the consious mind that is being tricked for them. Pretty much Caitlin turns out to be in the place of her dreams is like she is sleepwalking. Even when she is unconscious, her mind and body tells her that she is up hence the injures."

"Stacey is able to manipulate the brain into believing that what it sees and making it a reality. Eventually the brain can't differentiate dreams from reality and the person starts losing their mind. Just like Ethan, she hasn't managed to control her abilities that well so it doesn't have that strong effect on the victim."

Iris tried to process all this information. So finally Caitlin could get good news and so would Barry. But before any of them could answer Cisco went flying back hitting his head. Iris and Dr Wells looked around trying to find the source of this. Something hit Dr Wells and he fell to the ground. Before anything, Ethan reappeared on top of him. He punched him again. Shocked Iris tried to run to the door when she bumped into Caitlin. She was also scared seeing Ethan there. 

"Caitlin wake up, wake up. This can't be happeneing again. You can fight this. You aren't going to hurt anyone. Please wake up," Caitlin kept whispering to herself. 

Iris grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the Cotex. "Run Caitlin," she encouraged her.

Caitlin looked at Iris and stopped. "This isn't real." 

"No Caitlin it is. You aren't dreaming and Ethan is here in real. If he is here then that means that Stacey isn't far behind. We have to got out and find Barry."

Snapping out of her confusion, Caitlin ran towards the particle accelerator hole where they'd be safe and be able to call Barry. They ran through the hall way and before they could escape, they were stopped by Stacey.

She stood there at the lifts which lead down to the particle accelerator hole. "What you think we were going  to let you get away with it. We promised you that we would make you pay and here we are to collect."

Iris and Caitlin slowly took steps back but found Ethan blocking their way. They were trapped and there was no way out. 

"I hope that you aren't counting on your friends to come and help. We know all about how people that you hurt. We will let the  free and allow them to take revenge on you all. You think it is ok to turn us into monsters like this and lock us in this place?"

"Yes it is our fault what happened to them but the choice they made of what to do with their powers is what got them here. They had a choice to use what the had to help others but their selfishness and egos got them here. You we also on that path."

"Don't you dare make us the bad guys here. How is it fair that what you have done goes unpunished while others who have been the victims gets to the trail and punishments. I read about how Wells was warned that this was an unstable unit yet he still went with it. Just because he confessed on live Television he didn't get any punishment."

Caitlin and Iris had no answer for that. At some level she was right. But that also didn't mean that they were right in what they were doing. 

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