Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


12. Twelve

Stacey woke up and looked around the abandoned factory. It was quiet as before. She smiled and made her way to the room in which she had attacked her last victim. She looked at the blood stains on the floor and the memory of the attack flashed through her mind. She smiled again and she looked at her watch. 

"Eveything is going to plan. Soon you will be with me again Ethan," she thought. "You were right when you said that Caitlin Snow and her team won't give up looking for me. We will get our awaited revenge in STAR Labs. All we need to do is get rid of this Flash that turns up everywher." 

She picked up a picture of and turned it around to reveal it to be of her and Joanah. "You took took something from me but you also gave me the chance to reinvent myself, Dr Wells. If it weren't for you then I wouldn't have been able to run away that night." 

........................  Flashback to the events of that night  .....................

Stacey and Joanah check into the motel room where they were planning on staying for the participle accelerator to turn on. Stacey sits in the corner quietly as Joanah looks around the room. Stacey is hiding a scare on her hand when the bell boy comes in with spare towels. 

"Dont you just love this place. Central City is an amazing place. How about we move where?" Asked Joanah.

Stacey hesitated before answering. "But...but our family and friends are back in New York."

Angrily Joanah stomped to her side and squeezed her cheeks. "You have me, you don't have to worry about those families."

Scared Stacey nodded. Joanah was overprotective of her and when he didn't get his way become violent. He didn't like Stacey talking to anyone and if she did he got mad and would hit her. 

The night of the particle accelerator exploration, they were sitting on the balcony of the motel room watching from a distance when Joanah got angry when the maid talked to Stacey. They were having an argument when the explanation knocked out both of them. Joanah fell from the balcony and hurt his back while Stacey managed to get away with brusises. She didn't stay around to see if Joanah had survived or not. 


Barry and Cisco walked into the lab where they saw Caitlin. She was pacing around the lab clearly something was bothering her. 

"Heeyy Caitlin, what's up? You feeling okay?" Asked Barry as he wasn't sure if it was a good thing to back thing. 

"I remember. I remember everything about the accident." 

"That's great," cheered Cisco. 

"It was Stacey. Barry left and I was collecting samples when I heard a noise. First I thought maybe it was Barry but when I turned around  it was her. Something about her was weird. She smiled at me and when I tried to talk to her she attacked. I begged her to stop but she didn't. Finally she manged to pin me down and then there was a bright light and that's it."

"That's it as in she stopped or what?"

"That's it as in I passed out and I woke up here yesterday. I don't know what happened."

"Well at least we know what we are dealing with. Stacey can now be considered dangerous." 

"Barry we need to talk to Ethan. If not the Flash then me. We need to find out what we can about Stacey before she harms anyone else."

"I can't let you go in there. We don't know what he wants and what he has planned. I don't trust that guy." 

"Barry, he is in a protective prison where we have put away so many metahumans. I think we will be fine." 


Caitlin stood there face to face with Ethan Ford. He smiled at her but didn't say anything. Caitlin was scared as she knew that Barry was right. They didn't know what he wanted and what he had plans with Stacey. He was unnaturally calm about this all. 

"You much be Caitlin Snow," he said finally breaking the silence. "I know of your work. You were part of the particle accelerator and should I blame you too for what happened?" 

Fear showed on Caitlin's eyes as she tried to calm her nerves. "What is your story? Every metahuman that we have caught or dealt to has had a story, so what's yours?" 

"Why do you care? You guys have already distroyed so many lives already."

"How do you know Stacey?"

Ethan paused and looked at Caitlin. The smile from his face disappeared. "She is my love and I was here to protect her when this happened. Now we are going to distroy everyone that wronged us, including you and that Flash that you are protecting."


Caitlin came into the lab where she saw Jow and Iris were present. She knew that they had been listening in on the conversation that Ethan and she had had. 

"It makes sense what he said and what we managed to find out," said Iris.

"After digging in more in the lives of Stacey and Joanah we found out many skeleton in the closet. Their relationship wasn't as glorious as he painted for us. Going back to New York we found that Stacey had called the cops 2 times on Joanah but dropped the charges. The neighbors on the other hand had complained many times as they thought they were in a abusive relationship. Stacey was an outgoing person who loves to hang out with friends and family. But the more she started spending time with Joanah the more she started to pull away from them."

"Joanah was her nightmare and she was scared of him. He was the one who was scaring her amd she met Ethan who tried to rescue her but then the accident happened. She did t make contact with anyone until she found that Ethan was safe and was looking her."

"Do you think Stacey and Ethan both posses metahuman abilities?" Asked Barry.

"If what Caitlin and Mike had said about their last encounter with Stacey then I'm afraid she does too. That will make them both dangerous since we don't really know what she can do but even the Flash can hurt what he can't see," said Dr Wells. 

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