Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


13. Thirteen

Hi this is going to be a special post as it is on my Birthday!!! Hope you all enjoy this.


Iris and Barry sat in Jitters as people passed them by. Either of them spoke as they tried to process what they had discovered. Barry looked up at Iris and held her hands. "It was really great, finally getting sometime out of our schedule to have a date night," he said. 

"Yeah it was. I know that since you have taken on the responsibility of keeping this city safe. It isn't easy trying to keep everyone safe and also have a life. I love you and I will worry about you but I cant take you away from those other people who need you."

Barry looked into Iris's eyes and was about to say 'I love you back' but stopped. He didn't know what it was but something was holding him back. Instead he just hugged her and gave a kiss. 

                                            //~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //

Caitlin sat there watching the monitor screen. Something was bothering her but she couldn't put a finger on it. She had remembered what had happened but she stopped at the flash of light. What was it and why doesn't she remember anything after that. 

"Miss Snow, are you ok?" came the voice of Dr Wells. 

Caitlin turned around to see him standing there. "Yeah I'm fine."

"Maybe you should go home and rest. You have had a busy day and I think all the excitement for one day has tired you out. You may remember more when you have had a proper night sleep."

Smiling Caitlin got up to leave. She stopped when she thought of Ethan. "Dr Wells, Ethan isn't going to be an problems for us right. I mean he seems so calm given the fact that we have him locked up here."

"I don't really know what he is planning but I do know is that he is here and he is not getting out anytime soon. Our main priority is to catch Stacey since she is a risk to all."


Stacey sat in her car, keeping an eye  on the gates of STAR Labs. She watched as Caitlin followed by Cisco came out of the main doors. They said their farewells and left. Stacey's eyes were on Caitlin as she left. Stacey didn't know how but she had to get inside the Labs. She needed to free Ethan and they had to complete their plans.


Caitlin sat down on her bed after a shower. She looked at the time and looked up Barry's number. She didn't know why but she felt like talking to him. Maybe talking to him as he also shared the untrusting feeling of Ethan would ease her mind. As she was about to dial, she stopped when Iris came to mind. If they were together, she didn't want to disturb them. 

"Calling the Flash to rescue you," came a familiar voice. 

Caitlin turned around and was shocked to see Stacey standing there. How she managed to get in? "What... what are you doing here?" 

"Oh, I wanted to check in on you. Wanted to know if you were alive. After I left I you were a little out of it and I don't really have access to STAR Labs."

"What do you want Stacey? I offered to help you and I know it is hard to trust us but we want to help you."

"Help, yeah I don't trust the monsters who made me what I'm. And yes I do want something. You are going to let Ethan go."

Caitlin looked surprised as she thought she may have heard her wrong. "You want m e to just let him go." Caitlin hid her phone and dialled Barry. She hoped that he would get here soon and catch Stacey.

"I know it is bothering you to know what happened after you looked into my eyes and after the flash. I will let you know and how to stop anything bad happening to you when you do as I tell you to do."

Barry picked up his phone when he saw it was Caitlin. At first no one answered and he was about to hang up when he heard someone. It wasn't Caitlin but whoever it was sounded  mad. 

"Iris, I have to go. I think Caitlin needs me." And like that Barry rushed out and within seconds he was outside Caitlin's doors. He walked in and found her standing face to face with Stacey. He came in and stood in front of Caitlin as he protected her from Stacey. 

"What is she doing here?" he asked.

"Don't worry about me, I was just here to see Caitlin. She knows what I want and she also knows what she will get in return. All she has to do is follow my instructions and she will be fine. And before you get any bright ideas, don't try and stop me. You will be sorry."

Barry was about to step forward and stop her when Caitlin stopped him. Looking at her she knew that what she was saying was a bluff. They needed to work out what her abilities was and how to stop them before they hurt someone else. 

Barry turned to Caitlin who looked scared. He put a hands around her face as the cupped her face. "Caitlin, its okay. I got you. What did she want?" he asked.

Caitlin didn't realise it but tears had formed in her eyes. "She wanted me to free Ethan. She has done something to me..." Caitlin stopped herself from telling him the or else part. She didn't want to worry Barry as he already had other things on his plate.

"I'm here Caitlin. I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

Caitlin hugged Barry who also held her tightly.         

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