Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


10. Ten

Everybody had left for Caitlin to rest as there wasn't anything that they could do until she woke up. The main goal now became to find the person responsible for what happened to her. Barry was the only one left behind. He wanted to stay as he still thought that it was his fault.

He sat down next to her and watched the monitor as it recorded and showed her breathing and heart rate. He picked up Caitlin's hand and squeezed it hoping that she would react to it. Nothing happened. Barry felt helpless since he couldn't do anything.

Barry was startled when suddenly the monitor started to beep. Barry turned to Caitlin who looked like was in distress. Her eyes rolled and she shook her head yet she didn't open her eyes. Barry tried to hold her down and wake her up.

"Caitlin, please open your eyes," whispered Barry.


"Do we have any idea what had happened at the factory?" asked Iris. She was worried about what happened as Barry was worried about Caitlin.

"Nah, we have tried to look at any CCTV  cameras but couldn't find anything. The cameras show them coming in but no one is seen coming in," said Cisco.

"Does that mean that we have to wait for Caitlin to wake up to find out? Does it have anything to do with Stacey?"

"Well according to what she told us yesterday, she said that the Invisible Man wanted her and us to stay away from him and Stacey. I have a feeling that she has something to do with this all. Maybe it is time for us to visit our new guest," said Dr Wells.

Just then Barry rushed into the room as panic was visible on his face. "Caitlin, something is wrong. Please help her."

"Barry I will go and stable her, we figured out who maybe able to help us. The Invisible Man has a connection with Stacey and we think he may have some answers. He did warn us," filled in Iris.

Before anyone else could say anything, Barry was gone.


"You know something about what is happening to Caitlin down there don't you?" yelled The Flash.

Invisible Man only smiled and watched Barry as he enjoyed the distressed on his face. "Show me who you are and I will think about helping you," he replied.

Flash stopped to think about what to do. He wanted to save Caitlin but he couldn't trust this guy. He was hiding something and if what he had learnt in the past taught him not to rush into a situation. Instead he turned and ran out of the room and back to Caitlin's side. 


Cisco ran in to the room where Dr Wells and Iris were working on Caitlin who now was stable once again.

"I finally managed to identify our Invisible Man. His name is Ethan Ford. He is from New York and he arrived in Central City the day of the Particle Accelerator went online. He was here and took part in the search party that was set up to find Stacey," informed Cisco.

"So did he already know Stacey or what?" asked Dr Wells.

"So far I haven't found any connection but I have a feeling that he already knew each other. Why would a guy who just come into the city and especially after such a huge incident decide to go looking for a stranger?"

Barry came to Iris's side in a flash startling her. "How's she?"

"She's doing fine. She still hasn't woken up but her observations are normal."

The others filled him on what they had found out.


"Joe as you asked, I have managed to get the report of the officer who you wanted to talk to."

Joe opened the report. In the report it was stated that the guy say a female fitting the description of Stacey came into the office and when was stopped by the officer, he remember seeing a flash and then nothing. The weird part was that he was relieved from duty when he was distressed and complained about nightmares. He was also involved in accidents that he didn't even remember being involved in.

 "What's that?" asked Wally as he walked into the office.

"This is the report and information on the officer that said that he saw Stacey come and may be our only lead to find her. The only issue is that he says that he hasn't been the same since is encounter with her. He says that he has nightmares that are so real and that he has suffered injury that he doesn't remember being in."

"So you think that she may be a Metahuman?"

"After working with STAR Labs and Barry, anything is possible. And everything is pointing to something being wrong with her."


Iris sat down next to Barry. He was deep in thought and at first didn't realise that she had sat down. She placed her hand on his shoulders.

"Barry, she is going to be fine."

"I know but I cant stop thinking about what Ethan said. He knew that Caitlin would be in danger especially since she wasn't giving up on finding Stacey."

"Barry, don't blame yourself. You take on so many things and you cant always be everywhere. The main thing is that you got there before anything else happened."

Barry looked up at Iris and gave her a kiss. "I'm sorry about what happened last night. I know you had other things in mind and I spoilt it."

"Don't worry, you were worried about something going wrong. You still are the Flash who goes out to save the city," she said as she hugged him.

There was a loud bang and heard Cisco call them. "Guys, Caitlin is awake.  


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