Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


16. Sixteen

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers. Hope this is just as not but even more wonderful.


The guy turned and looked in their direction. Barry looked around unsure what to do. He couldn't speed out of there too many people were watching. He turned to Caitlin who was looking around. He pulled her close and Caitlin was surprised. She didn't say or do anything as she just watched him.

He leaned in and kissed her. Caitlin's eyes opened in surprise and shock. At first he kissed her gently. His lips were soft and warm. Caitlin's lips were sweet. He closed his eyes and pulled her closer. He had rapped his hands around her waist. Caitlin pulled back.

"Barry, what are you doing?" she managed to ask as she realised that she was breathing heavily now.

"He know something about us and he is looking this way. We have to get him alone and take him in. Too many people are watching so I cant super speed. Play along. "

Without turning her head Caitlin looked in the direction of the guy and sure enough he was watching them. Panic rose inside her and she looked at Barry. This time Barry was surprised when she pulled him close and pressed her lips against his. As they kissed everything around them felt like had just disappeared. The crowd was no longer there and the cool air blew on them. A kiss that started as a sweet and gentle one turned into a more passionate one as Caitlin wrapped her hands around his neck.

"Sorry," said one of the waitress as she bumped into Barry. Caitlin opened her eyes and quickly pulled back. She straightened out her dress and wiped her lips as she consciously watched around. She noticed that the guy was walking away. Barry had also noticed and was no following him.

They found him in the corner alone. Taking this opportunity Barry super sped and got him. All Caitlin saw was the guy standing there and the next yellow light and he was gone. Knowing that Barry had got him, she made her way to STAR Labs.


As Caitlin made her way into the lab she kept thinking about the kiss. She knew that he had done that as the situation required it but she couldn't shake the feeling that that moment she felt something. It was weird and she didn't know how to explain it but she actually liked it.

She walked in and bumped into Barry. "Hey, sorry I was about to call you. Thought of you wanted a lift."

Before she answered she saw Iris at the back. She thought to herself, what she was thinking. He is with Iris. There was no chance of them and even thinking about it was wrong. She had just made out with her friends boyfriend. "No, I'm fine. What do we know about him?"

"Well, he isn't a stranger to us at the C.C.P.D," said Joe. "He has been arrested many times for petty crimes and recently he was arrested for beating a guy. He nearly died but he was the" one who took him to the hospital in time."

"So he is a low life criminal who just happens to meet Stacey. He is capable of beating someone to death and that's what she wants."

Dr Wells was quiet as he was deep in thought. Finally he broke the silence. "I believe that he isn't the guy that she hired to kill Joanah. I think that he was working with her to contain him and us."

"Dr Wells is right. We found this picture on him. It has you three and there was another picture with Dr Wells, Wally, dad and me. We are all being targeted."

"She kept blaming us for what happened. She wants us all to pay. She also wants to free Ethan. We all have to be alert as she has more people working with her and we don't even know who to trust. We don't even know what her ability is."


After discussion of what they should do next, they all finished for the day and went home. Barry sat in bed as he thought back to the days events. He had been right about her having another partner, he was glad that he managed to get another member of her revenge crew. Then a smiled appeared on his face when he thought of the kiss. It felt like he was struck by lighting once more when he kissed her and Caitlin had kissed back. Out of the messy and stressful day, that had felt good.

What was happening. He was in love with Iris. He had loved her from the moment he knew what love was. He had also seen the future in which he and Iris had been married. But then again after the whole going back to the future and changes happening the future had changed. He was in the present though and lately he was thinking about Caitlin. Was there something between them or was it just a moment that they had shared?


Caitlin closed her eyes trying to sleep and forget about the kiss. She finally managed to fall asleep when she was inside the particle accelerator prison (Honestly I forgot what the prison is called).  She is standing there with Barry.

"Come on, your name is Killer Frost. I want to see some killing. You cant do it because inside all that you are still you," said Barry as he stepped closer to the sharp ice stick that Caitlin held.

Caitlin hesitated at first and then she pulled her hand back. Barry's eyes opened wide and blood dripped down. Caitlin had stabbed him in the chest and now she twisted the crystal inside his chest. Barry fell to the ground as he took his final breaths. Caitlin looked up to find Iris Cisco and others running in.

Caitlin woke up with a scream. She was sweating and felt disoriented. She tried to focus her eyes to the darkness.   

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