Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


17. Seventeen

Joe and Barry were discussing what they were going to do with Finn Hardy. Caitlin was also there but she was trying to process the nightmare that she had last night. It wasn't uncommon to have nightmares but something about it was different. The whole dream had felt so real. Caitlin actually felt like she as there, she felt the cold of the ice stick and the blood on her hands of Barry as he bled on the floor. 

"Hey Caitlin, you still with us?" Asked Cisco. She hadn't even realised when he had come in. 

"I said,  Finn is talking now. Think we should hear him out before we make our decision on what to do with him."


They all stood out the prison as Finn sat at the corner of the prison case. Something was different about him today. He didn't look as confident and scary as he had done last night. He looked scared, as if he was having a bad dream. 

"Finn  you wanted to talk and we are here to talk. We want to help you but we can't do that if we don't know what we are protecting you from," called Dr Wells. 

"She... She will know. Can you protect me from her?" Finn asked. Clearly he was scared of someone. Could it be Stacey. 

"Yes, we have the Flash  and the CCPD working here. What is the deal with Stacey and you?"

"I met her about a week ago. She wanted me to kidnap and hurt a guy. When I found out he was on a wheelchair I refused. Also she was unable to pay me for it all. Then she followed me around and one night when I woke up she had broken into my house. There was a flash and since then I haven't been able to sleep. I have nightmares and they feel so real. My worse nightmare comes true in them and I have been hurt so many times and I can't even explain how that is even possible."

Finn sat back down after explaining his story. As much of a criminal he was, he clearly was scared for his safety and life. Stacey was turning out to be more dangerous then they all thought. 


Joe came out in the parking lot where he found Caitlin. She had sneaked out after the conversation with Finn. 

"Caitlin, I know you do so much for Barry and me and we aren't as close as you and Cisco, but I hope that you know that I'm here for you."

Confused Caitlin looked at Joe with puzzling eyes. "What?"

"I'm a Dectective, did you think I didn't notice you not being in the same universe as us all day. What is bothering you"

Hesitating at first Caitlin took in a deep breath and answered. "This may not be a big thing but wilt everything that has been happening and that has been said I don't know what to make a big deal about."

"What do you mean?"

"Everything from the time Stacey attacked me till now has been hard to deal with. She said that if I let Ethan go, she would help me with what is to come. She said that things are going to get worse but she would help me. And last night I had a nightmare. I was back in Killer Frost and i was about to kill Barry. The scary part is, that I actually killed him. I watched him bleed to death."

"Is this the first time you have seen this dream?"

"Yes. Since I tried to hurt Barry and nearly killed him I have been scared that what if She comes back. I don't want to turn back into her and hurt the people that I love. Last night in that dream, it all felt so real."

"And what it's scaring you that what Finn and that officer said is what is going to happen to you," concluded Joe. 

Caitlin shook her head as she didn't want this all to be true. She was hoping that this was a one off thing and that what had happened in the last two day would just go away. 

"I can't help you in the whole sciencey perspective but as a cop I can surly assure you that I'm not going to let anything happened to you." And with that he gave her a hug. 

Hearing this, Caitlin did feel a little better and secure but still couldn't shake the feeling that she would become one of Stacey's minion. 


Caitlin was sitting in STAR Labs when Barry came in. She looked up at him but she didn't have the usual sweet, warm feeling I her eyes. They were cold and white. She got up and slowly walked over to Barry. He didn't move and when they looked down they saw that his legs were frozen to the floor. 

"Leaving so soon. I thought you would stay arround and see me distroy everything that you hold dear. I will make you doubt yourself. You can't save us all. You have made empty promises to us all Flash, or should I say Barry. You have hurt us all and you don't deserve to wear that suit."

"Caitlin listen to me, I know that what I have done in the past has hurt all the people that I care about and I regret..."

"What do you want to prove with all this?" Caitlin was now close to Barry who was looking at her with sorrow in his eyes. She placed a hand on his cheeks and it started to freeze up. Ice crystals started to form and smoke came out of Barry's mouth as he tried to breath. He started to turn blue and as much as he tried to speed warm his body the slower he became. The cold was taking over. After a few seconds he stopped moving. He fell to the ground and Caitlin stood over his lifeless body. 



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