Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


14. Fourteen

The final hours of 2016 looms. I'm excited to see what 2017 brings for all of us. I'm also hoping for more SnowBarrry moments and even a romantic track between them in the show. I mean I know that they aren't the endgame but I do want them to get a chance together.


Barry woke up and realised that he had ended up sleeping on Caitlin's couch. She had told him to go but he wasn't to convinced about leaving her alone. He heard noises coming from the kitchen and when he went to see, he found Caitlin making him breakfast.

"Morning," he said as he sat down at the table.

"Thanks for staying here even though I told you it was fine. We had dealt with more dangerous things that this," said Caitlin. She passed him coffee and fresh toast and eggs.

"I know, but we knew what we were dealing with. Somehow Stacey and what she is makes this all more scary. Especially when we don't even know what we are dealing with."

Caitlin pretended that she was fine, but Barry knew that she was scared. What Stacey had said had gotten to her. Like the time she thought she was turning into Killer Frost, she was scared and didn't know what her powers were capable of.

"Caitlin, you always put me first and are always there for me. I'm not going to let anything happen to you either."

Caitlin smiled as she knew that Barry would always be there for her and that made her feel safe. At the same time she knew that he had other priorities and the city needed him and so did Iris.


"Do you think that Stacey could possibly go after Jonah? The relationship that they were in and all the abusive behaviour that she was coping from him," said Cisco to Joe.

"That's  the issue. We don't even know what she wants and why did Ethan steal money from the bank. He stole the money yet we don't even know where he put it," said Joe as this all frustrated him.

Again it felt like they got information but had not idea what it all meant as it didn't make any sense. They had Ethan who wasn't talking yet Stacey who clearly was his lover was on the loose. Either she had meta-human abilities and if she did what was her plan?

"We cant be to sure about what she had planned for him. I have a team outside his hotel at all times. If Stacey decides to pay him a visit, we will know. 


Caitlin stood in front of Ethan who examined her as well. He didn't say anything but watched her as she debated on talking to him. Finally breaking the silence she stepped forward.

"Stacey paid me a visit last night. What has she done to me?" she managed to ask.

A smile spread across his face. "So you would also know in exchange for that information what you have to do," he said.

"I'm not letting you go. My job at STAR Labs is to catch monsters like you who instead of doing good with what they have, decides to use it for evil."

"I'm not the only monster here. Where were you when Stacey was being abused by that monster? Where were you when she needed a hero? Should I say where was this Flash? You guys are the reason why we are what we are."

"We all get a choice of to how we want to turn out. The Flash was also effected by the particle accelerator but he decided that he wants to use his abilities to help others. He spends all day everyday day thinking of how to make others lives better and doesn't want anything in return."

"You know a lot about him. You speak like you know how he feels while no one else can see his behind his hard work. Is he what like your boyfriend or something," joke Ethan.

Caitlin at this paused. She knew how much Barry did for the city and she also respected him. She admired him and listening to someone who disrespected him bothered her. She knew that Ethan was messing with her. He wanted to know who the Flash was and he was planning something big with Stacey. The question now remained was, should she trust them and let Ethan go. 

"Getting back on track, if you want to know what she had done to  you and how to stop it, you have to let me go because trust me when I say, you are going to regret it," warned Ethan as he sat down.


"Why did you call me here?" asked Caitlin. She sat down at the corner table at Javas City Hotel. She looked around at the media crew gathering and people rushing around.

"Cisco called and said that Stacey has a mobile and her GPS puts her here at this hotel. We also know that Joanah is also in this hotel. There is a chance that she is here to kill him," filled in Barry.

"Barry, the GPS says that she is still there. Do you have a visual?" asked Cisco through the earpiece. 

"No still looking. I asked the reception desk and they said that Joanah is out. She may also be waiting for him."

"There," whispered Caitlin. "That's her but I don't think she is here alone."

"I want you to be away from here. I don't want her to hurt you again. You have to make sure that the media and the pubic are away from her and me. Also if Joanah get here, you have to make sure that he is safe. Joe and his team have surrounded the place and are waiting for my signal to come in," Barry said as he filled Caitlin on the plans.

Barry and Caitlin walked closer to Stacey who was sitting alone. She kept checking the doors which meant that she was definitely waiting for someone. Barry pulled Caitlin behind her to protect her. Stacey turned in their direction and with quick reflexes, Barry pulled Caitlin and himself behind the big wooden pole.

"Did she see us?" asked Caitlin.   

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