Snowbarry or Westallen - The Choice

Barry Allen has always been in love with Iris and now things are going great between them. Until Barry starts getting close to Catlin Snow. They have a bond that no one can explain. Barry cares about her deeply and so does Catlin.

But when this is tested, Barry has to choose between protecting Iris or saving Catlin. What will he do? Even the fastest man alive can protect everyone at once.


4. Four

Barry turned to look at Caitlin, who was just as surprised as he was. She wasn't able to say anything when Joanah welcomed them. 

"Barry, can I talk to you in the... Corner for a second" asked Caitlin as she gave a polite smile. 

Something about Caitlin's expression or the situation made Barry smile. "Barry, we may have a dead end with him. I mean you do see the wheelchair right?"

"Yes, but we are here and maybe we will learn something about Stacey? Wait we can't really rule him off our suspect list just because he is in a wheelchair. We made that mistake with Dr Wells."

At this Caitlin starred at Barry with her scary stare which told Barry that she 'found it funny but was trying to act all serious'. 

They went back inside to Joanahs room. 


"You still upset with Barry?" Joe asked Iris. 

She closed her laptop and covered her eyes. It had been so long since Barry had feelings for her and now they were finally trying to make this all work. She was happy for him to use his abilities to save and keep the city safe. But lately she felt that Barry was holding back. He didn't even realise it. It wasn't a big deal but he had kept it from her the fact that he had quit working for C.C.P.D because Juilian had threaten to tell the police about the appearance of Killer Frost. 

Iris liked Caitlin and she wanted her to be save and they were trying to figure out how she was to deal with her powers. They had suppressed it but for how long. Iris has noticed that Barry was getting close to her and that he was starting to spend more time with her and worried about her.  Was there something between them?

"Yo, Iris you even listening to me or have I lost it and just talking to myself?"

"Dad, everything is fine and I would really appreciate it if we put a hold on this topic and concentrate on catching this guy."

Just then Cisco came into the room with a confused expression. He was examining the tablet and something he was doubling him.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"This doesn't make sense. I found prints on the photo. And I ran them through the data base and they found a hit. It belongs to Stacey Miller. To make it all more so confusing, they weren't a fresh print. It was old."


"I know what we want to know isn't an easy topic to talk about but we could really use your help," stated Caitlin.

"The police decided to stop the investigation months ago and suddenly they want to open it up. What have you found new evidenced of what happened to her?"

Caitlin and Barry exchanged an akward glance before Barry answered. "We are investigating a different crime and it somehow links with Stacey. We know that she didn't have anyone but you so we don't know who could help us. There was a break in at the records room last night and we found out what files were stolen. It was Stacey's."

"I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you. Stacey was a quiet but friendly person, she was always helping others. But before her disappearance she was acting weird. She was always scared of someone or something."

"She never told you what was  bothering her?"

"No, she kept saying that she was having nightmares and that was what was bothering her.  Maybe i should have paid attention to her more. Maybe I could have saved her."


Barry and Caitlin stopped at the elevators. Barry noticed that Caitlin had been quiet since they had come out. "What you don't have a theory or something to share?" Joked Barry. 

"I wouldn't know what I would do if my nightmares would come true. If Jonah us right about her being scared of something to someone then there is a chance that who was scaring  her then is still out to get her."

"Only problem is, now he is a metahuman," added Barry. They looked at each other and  Barry saw fear in Caitlin's eyes. 

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