Under the mistletoe..


1. Decorating the tree..

"The christmas diary has already been sent to the publisher.." it told Sofia.. Sofia is my sister.. Ever since me an Calum have gotten engaged she has been there the whole way.. I suprised her for this christmas.. She has 1 daughter and she is so cute!! Calum always wants to come here for any holiday. Every time he asks I just say to him, " what about your family.?"So the compramise is that Calum's mom get Liz'abith for any holiday like Thanksgiving or any holiday that Liz'abith wants to spend with her Pa and Ma.. This christmas we had to go all the way to Sydney! Of course my sister has to live in the busiest city in Australia!! So anyway she wanted me to write a christmas story! I dont think she gets it.. I'm a model not a freaking story writer.. I walk on Victoria Secrets runway. Not a writer contest.. I agreed to help her decorate. We put up the tree but mostly Calum and Ryn( me and calum's son) watched T.V aka Football.. " Calum i need your help with the mistletoe!" i shouted. " Why cant you get a ladd- AAAAAAAAAHHHH WE WON!!!" he shouted guess the game was really serious. " Fine. I'll do it myself." I say trying to sound disipointed. " No, no let me help you." calum said very Kindly. " Thank you." I always win at this stuff. " wait.." he said. " we are under the mistletoe.." he said very romaticly... We kiss... "Thats why I want to marry you" he said.. " I love you" i said :)

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