How I See The Sunrise

A normal girl on a normal street,
listening to the sound of her feet,
as her numb toes hit the ground,
little roads wind round and round,
the same walk to the same school,
the wind blew so bitterly cool,
every week and every day,
she walked the very same way.


3. 3

However she can hear and smell,

this horrendous man made hell,

gas and oil fill her nose,

even tighter, eyes closed,

pollution still filling the world,

dirty mist, a dark grey swirl,

thinking how this can be stopped,

but the the devils bed is topped...

With airplanes flying in the sky,

she asks herself why,

people make artificial dirt,

why they cause pain and hurt,

they try to ignore the fact,

of their careless impact,

they say the world's a lovely place,

full of joy, peace, love and grace,

when really they're afraid,

of the deathly mess they've made,

not showing the guilt inside,

falsely smiling, until they've lied,

so badly their heart starts to burn,

still the world turns and turns,

so many ways it's untrue,

fro him to her, me to you.

Children soon enter walking,

together, chatting and talking,

They're obliviously unaware,

not giving a single care,

they live in normally harmony,

but I stay lonely,

standing in my usual spot,

where I sit, stand and lean a lot,

A normal girl in a normal school,

leaning against the classroom wall.


So hoiya guys. Dat was my first poem. I wrote it a couple of years ago. I typed up then published the first bit, however I then lost the rest of it. I found it, and that was it. Hope it was ok and got across how I feel.

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