How I See The Sunrise

A normal girl on a normal street,
listening to the sound of her feet,
as her numb toes hit the ground,
little roads wind round and round,
the same walk to the same school,
the wind blew so bitterly cool,
every week and every day,
she walked the very same way.


2. 2

The light was an orange so deep,

that the Sun began to quietly weep,

as her hair blew across her face,

she saw the world a different place,

like the Sun, reality began to dawn,

on this normal brand new morn,

planet, seas and skies a change,

variables of human actions ranged.

Pollution had clouded the skies,

a smudging Sun as it starts to rise,

smeared colour everywhere,

grey cloud dotted here and there,

it's too much to take in,

looking around at man's sins.

so she screws her eyes up tight,

shutting them from the awful sight.

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