Through My Eyes || Niall Horan

Life can wear on us. Joys can brighten us. Disaster can fall on us. Events can fall on us. Events can enliven us. There are so many events that can come out way and we need to let our soul and mind shine through.

You need to ensure: Your soul is aligned with our outward expressions. Your mind is aligned with our interactions. Your inner self is articulated and connected to our external community. Your eyes translate what is inside of you. What are they saying?

Follow Charlotte recount her adventures with her late husband Niall Horan through the eyes of someone who has been through it all.


3. Chapter 2

The constant beeping of my alarm going off sent shivers down my spine. I rolled over groggily and stopped the never-ending alarm coming from my phone. I became more aware of my surroundings after waking up confused. I came back to my surroundings and looked out the window of the hotel that I was staying in. I smiled to myself as I saw London sprawled out in front of me. The London Eye taking over the expansive view. I was lucky enough to be staying in an expensive hotel courtesy of my cousin, Jenna, who was the one to have invited me to stay in London for the week to catch up with her. I yawned and looked at my phone that read 12:08 PM. My flight from New York to London was my first long flight as I haven’t been further than the Midwest of the United States in my life and it wasn’t a great flight by any means.


While I have never flown to Europe prior to this and haven’t had much experience flying it seems like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. My connecting flight to New York was delayed due to mechanical issues with the plane and when I finally landed in New York I had about ten minutes to make it to my gate for the flight to London. After sprinting like a madwomen through the airport I made it just before the gate was closed and boarded the plane. I was unfortunately seated in the middle seat right next to a young child who was extremely restless throughout the flight. My plan to sleep through the night was shot right there. It did help that the baby was adorable and wanted to play with me.


            After landing in London at around 7:05 AM local time things were starting to look up after an easy unloading. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. Sleep deprived and crazy eyed I attempted to make it through international customs. My plane happened to come in behind two other international flights and had to wait quite a while before making it through customs. By the time I made it through it was around 9:20 AM. By the time I finally managed to navigate my way to my hotel it was about 10:00 AM and I had about two hours to sleep before Jenna would come and get me.


I didn’t give myself enough time to shower, because hello sleep was by far more important. So I decided on a perfume bath before changing into cozy leggings and an oversized sweater. I touched up my makeup and braided my hair before I got a call from Jenna squealing at me to ‘hurry my pretty little butt downstairs’.


I spotted an adorable blonde honking her horn at me. I cracked a smile and walked over to her car and hopped in, “It’s my beautiful baby cousin Charlotte!” Jenna squeezed my arm before giving me a one armed hug in her car, “My God, you are stunning, what happened to my baby Charlie?” She smiled at me.


I cracked another smile and lightly punched her on the arm, “Not as stunning as you,” I raised my eyebrow and eyed her up. She had light sandy blonde hair that was cut mid length and was wavy. She has big brown eyes that framed her face beautifully and freckles that were placed perfectly across her cheeks.  




“So Charlie,” she looked over at me before starting to drive away from the hotel, “where are you at right now? Like with your studies and living?”


Oh she’s already diving right on in into the good stuff I thought to myself before answering, “Well I’m a senior in college, three excruciatingly long years of math and science and I have two more semesters before I graduate with my degree.” I sighed and looked back over at her.


She nodded her head, “Sounds hard. What exactly have you been studying then?”


“Oh yeah,” I laughed at myself before replying, “Materials Science and Engineering. It’s a pretty cool major but it is seriously kicking my sorry ass.” I laughed and relaxed back into my seat taking in my surroundings, “By the way, what are we even doing?”


“Did I not tell you?” She scrunched her nose as I nodded my head. “Wow, you flew all the way over here and had no idea why you were even coming?”


“Well,” I tapped my finger on my head, “Yeah, I guess that basically sums it up.” I giggled.


She started laughing, “Well, my darling Charlie, we are left with the task of finding a venue for a benefit with The Weinstein Company. Its kind of a pre-party charity event for the BAFTA’s.”


I cocked my head to the side, “A venue? The what?” I asked quickly not having a single clue as to what she was talking about.


“The British Academy of Film and Television Arts. It’s an awards show, very similar to The Oscars. It’s kind of a big deal over here and well everywhere.” She grinned, “And we have to find a venue for this event.


“What is it that you exactly do?”


“I am a celebrity event planner,” she smiled at me deviously, “I get to work with all kinds of famous people. And let me tell you, it gets old pretty quickly. This even is for none other than for Harvey Weinstein.”


My mouth gaped, “Like the guy who produces all those movies? He’s got to be worth so much money” My eyes widened.


She giggled at me, “That’s exactly the guy. But you don’t even know the best part, we get to go to the party.” Her eyes lit up and she started doing a happy dance while driving.


“You mean we have to dress up really fancy and go meet other really fancily dressed people?”


“In short, yes.”


“I…” I took a deep breath, “I wow. I’m not the best in those situations.” I lied, not having any experience in the area but nonetheless I knew I would be extremely uncomfortable.


She snickered at me, “Only one problem Charlie. You can’t bail out on me, you came from the states for Christ’s sake! I already cleared it through my boss’s and it would mean the world to me.” She gave me the puppy dog eyes.


“Jenna, you don’t know how incredibly awkward I am.”


She scoffed, “Please Charlie, there will hardly be anyone you actually know there. A few famous people and a bunch of really rich people who actually make the show run, it’s actually quite fun.”


I rolled my eyes at her. “I… I guess. But I don’t have a dress J.”


“Don’t worry about that. I’ve got that covered.”


I nodded my head, “Of course you do. When’s the part anyway?”


“In three days.”


I choked on air, “And you haven’t even booked the venue for the party yet?” My eyes started bugging out.


“Relax homegirl. I’ve pre-booked a few venues. I just need a fresh set of eyes, you, to help me pick the right one.”


“You do realize this is a some sort of hell you are putting me through.”


She smiled at me as she was pulling up to the first venue, she put her arm on my shoulder, “This is the worst part I promise The party will be worth it Charlie, trust me.” She winked at me before getting out of the car


The first venue was surely beautiful. Yet it was lacking the London charm that I was seeing all around me. The day kept going on like this. We would drive around, stop, look at the place and I would find something I didn’t like about it. Jenna was clearly getting agitated with me. But I couldn’t commit to any of the three venues we had already seen.


This happened until we pulled up in front of a stunning venue. I couldn’t stop gaping and apparently Jenna noticed.


“Oh thank God, you like this one Charlie?”


“This is…” I looked around, as she pulled into the gated lot, “incredible.”


“Kensington Palace.”


“You can rent this place out? I thought it was like a residence?” I kept scanning everything around me.


She smiled at me, “Oh young naïve Charlie, you can do just about anything you damn well please with little bit of money.”


I gave her a small half smile before walking up and looking at the palace from the front, “This is it then. I don’t think I have seen anything more beautiful than this. I want this.” I said quickly.


“We haven’t even gone in yet Charlie.”


I threw my hands up in defense, “Don’t care. This is it. We can look around but this is the venue. I’m telling you.”


She started cracking up. “Okay. Let me make a quick call.”


I nodded as she bounded off into the castle and continued to look around.


“Incredible isn’t it?” I heard a deep male voice from behind me.


I jumped as I turned to look at him, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful.” I said softly as I surveyed the man. He looked like a servant of some sort.


“I work here everyday, it never gets old.”


“I can see why. Its absolutely gorgeous.” I said looking around again.


“Indeed. Have a nice day madam.” He bowed in front of me and started off.


“Oh you too!” I yelled back.


“We got it!” Jenna yelled to me holding up some papers and smiling, “We have The Orangery and it’s going to be exquisite darling. They have their own catering and everything all we have to do now is show up looking fabulous. Not that it will be too hard looking at you.” She winked at me again.


“I can honestly say I’m a little excited. Just a little excited.” I gushed as we made our way back to the car.


“That’s my girl. Now tomorrow I have made plans to find our dresses. They are being brought to my flat so I will pick you up in the morning and we can try on dresses like all day?”


“Sounds like a plan to me.”


She eyed me curiously “I’m surprised that was so easy. You seem to be in the obstinate mood.”


I shrugged my shoulders, “You know that’s who I am.”


She shook her head at me as we pulled up in front of my hotel, “I would have you stay at mine but I only have a studio, I don’t have another bed love.”


“It’s perfectly fine. Plus have you seen the view from this place? It’s like it’s own palace.” She waved goodbye to me and I made my way back to the hotel.


I swiftly went to my room and looked at the clock that read 8 PM. I changed into my pajamas with the intention to watch some television before heading to bed. That plan changed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I had perhaps the best sleep I have ever head in my life that night.


“This dress will look so good on you.” Jenna said as she pulled out yet another ugly gray dress that looked like it was made for a prepubescent teenage girl.


I shook my head, “Jenna, I know dresses have never really been your favorite but these are just heinous.”


“What do you want then?” Jenna sighed.


“Something not gray.”


“Okay then black?”


I shook my head again.


 “Charlie you have to be more specific. I can’t exactly read your mind.” She glared at me.


“Red. I want red.”


“Really? That’s like the hardest color to pull off you know.”


I nodded my head, “But at least it has color!”


She rolled her eyes and went back to the racks of dresses that were brought to Jenna’s apartment. I have never seen so many dresses before in my life concentrated in one small location.


“Okay. This has to be it.” Jenna said as she pulled out a beautiful red dress. It was absolutely gorgeous. “Donna Karan is the designer. Try it on.”


She threw me the dress and I tried it on. It was stunning. It fit just like a glove and it hugged in all of the right places. Tight on top and fitting down until the bottom where it flared out slightly.


“Well damn.” Was all Jenna said as I walked back into the room, “Red certainly is your color love.”


I smirked at her, “Told you.”


It was the night of the benefit, Jenna and I just got our makeup done and dress’s fitted for the last time. Jenna had on a beautiful shimmery black ball gown that made her look even more miraculous than I have ever seen her. We took a car over to Kensington Palace where there was a media entrance that consisted of a red carpet.  


“Follow my lead Charlie. Just smile and pose for the cameras. Don’t answer anybody’s questions and this part will be over in no time.” She grabbed my wrist and dragged me forward


I did exactly what she said. Nobody wanted to interview me, likely because they had no clue who I was. I had quite a few comments on the dress and many people asked where it was from and who designed it. That was a little bit of a confidence booster. After about a half an hour of taking pictures and posing we were ushered inside and to The Orangery where the party was taking place. The beauty of the palace was astonishing. Every single detail down to the frosting on the cake was absolutely perfect.


I talked to a few people here and there. I wasn’t exactly trying to stand out so I took a seat at an empty table and started reading and replying to text messages that I had neglected from the days in London. I was so caught up in reading the messages that I hadn’t even noticed someone standing right in front of me.


He cleared his throat, which caught me completely by surprise, and I jumped in my chair. This caused him to laugh and I think I fell in love with that laugh right then and there.


“I’m so sorry to startle you like that.” I heard a thick Irish accent behind a beautiful face of a boy I could have sworn I recognized.


“Oh, it’s completely okay.” I smiled at him, “Just a mini heart attack is all. Nothing to call the doctors for”


He smiled, “I’m Niall.”


“Charlotte but everybody calls me Charlie.”


“I like that name. And I like your accent.” He wiggled his eyebrows


I cracked a smile, “I’m pretty sure you’re the one with the accent but its all good.” I kept smiling at him.


“We could go on and on about who has the accent but I actually came over to ask you to dance. Would you give me the honor?”


“Me? Are you sure? I’m not exactly the world’s best dancer.”


“Yes you.” He put his hand out for me to grab.


I took his hand in my own “I guess.” I started laughing again, “It’ll be your fault if I trip though.”


“Deal.” He laughed with me and walked me over to the dance floor.


Just as we got there the music switched from up-tempo song to a slow dance song. Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph came on and this was the first of many dances I shared with my Niall.

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