Just a Dream

Love is in the air at Hogwarts this Christmas. For everyone except for Draco Malfoy that is. He's the boy who doesn't know how to love.
Until Pheonix comes to Hogwarts. Will Draco's Slytherin side come into view, or will he find himself under the mistletoe with someone special.

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5. Another Fight

Pheonix's POV

I shivered slightly as I walked towards the Charms room. I sat down at a table while the rest of the Gryffindors and Slytherins filed in. I just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked up from the book I was currently reading, and saw Draco watching me carefully from across the room.

"Alright class, today we will be learning how to do the the cheering charm," Professor Flitwick announced over the dull roar of the class, "Please find a partner and get to work."

The scraping of chairs was echoed throughout the classroom as people got up and found a partner.

"Hey Phoenix, do you want to be my partner?" Ron asked me.

"Of course!" I said

We got a spot towards the window. The indication was repeated around the classroom as everyone stood in front of their partner and tried the charm. Draco was with Crabbe and I let out a breath of relief.

Draco's POV

I could see Weasel and Phoenix in the corner. A bubble of jealously inside of me. I was so focused on them when I tried to charm Crabbe, sparks flew out of my wand and hit his bare arms burning his skin. He let out a yelp while Flitwick came to examine the damage. Crabbe was sent to the Hospital Wing meanwhile, I was put with Longbottom and Brown. I was so close to them. Than I got an idea.

I aimed my wand slightly past Longbottom towards Weasel. I muttered 'furnunculus'. A jet of blue light flew out of the tip and hit Weasel square on his arm. It was too easy to make it look like an accident. To make it look like I said the wrong word or had the wrong wand movement. Too easy. An enormous, angry, red boil had appeared where the light hit him. He was flat on his back, clutching his arm, moaning in pain. Professor Flitwick was still in the Hospital Wing and the whole class was surrounding Weasel.

What I didn't expect was for Phoenix to get on her knees and start whispering the countercurse under her breath. The swelling went down slightly. Phoenix's fingers softly grazed the wound as she kept muttering. Weasel let out a yelp of pain when she prodded it with her wand. Phoenix grimaced at his cry. By the time she was done it looked like a tiny pimple. The class was utterly silent as Phoenix brushed her hair back and looked up as if only just realizing everyone was there. Her eyes locked on mine. They begged mercy. I looked away afraid to show my guilt.

When I looked back up at her, the realization dawned on her and she had a shocked expression. She met my gaze again and glared at me before turning back to Weasel.

Phoenix's POV

Professor Flitwick looked like he was about to faint when the class recalled the events. I turned scarlet as he praised my skills and awarded Gryffindor 20 points.

Minutes later, the bell rang and I joined the trio on my way down the isle. Ron kept thanking me, and was therefore the reason I was blushing deeply before we even crossed the threshold. In the sea of people I could see Draco begging me to talk to him. It would have been so easy to pretend I didn't see him, but there was no ignoring those stormy eyes. He jerked his head towards an empty classroom, and I nodded.

"Guys I'll be back. There's something I have to take care of. See you soon," I explained to the trio.

Draco got pulled to the side by some friends, but I saw him desperately trying to get to the classroom. He would come. I pushed the door open and was mesmerized by the view out the window. We were so high up! I walked to the window admiring the sight. My awestruck expression became a scowl, and I crossed my arms when I heard the door creak open behind me.

His broad arms enclosed me and he buried his head into the crook of my neck. He was trying to get me to break.

"Forgive me," he whispered in my ear.

"No," I said firmly

He kissed my cheek sweetly, and pulled me even closer to him.

"You know you will. Besides I only did it because he clearly was hitting on you. I saw his unworthy hand on your shoulder," he said justifying himself.

"He was not hitting on me Draco! And his hand was only on my shoulder because he tripped and was trying to rebalance himself! Stop being so jealous!" I screamed at him trying to jerk away from him.

He held fast and refused to let me get away.

"I'm sorry baby. You know I didn't mean it," he said almost throwing me over the edge.

I ignored the goosebumps spreading over my body from his voice.

"No! You did mean it! Your so spoiled, arrogant, and mean!" I yelled.

He looked hurt but I didn't care at the present moment. I finally succeeded in breaking away from him.

"We are over Draco Malfoy!" I stormed almost in tears as I ran out of the classroom.

Draco was on my tail trying to get me to change my mind.

I collapsed onto the bench next to Ron.

"Hello Sunshine, you okay?" he greeted me playfully

I groaned in reply.

"What's up?" He asked

"The sky," I muttered

"Oh haha, what's wrong?" He asked more seriously

"Oh you know, the usual. Just broke up with my boyfriend because he was being a selfish, jealous, idiot," I replied

He gave me a knowing look as we continued eating.

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