A romione christmas!

It's Christmas time in the Weasley household and Hermione Ron rose and Hugo are all looking forward to when Christmas is finally here! Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!


2. our first christmases

Hi everyone I hope you enjoyed the last chapter because I certainly enjoyed writing it! Here's the next chapter...

Ron and Hermione had just finished putting the leftover boxes of Christmas decorations away when their eight year old son walked up to them and tugged at Hermione's sleeve.

"Mum...can you tell us about mine and Rosie's first Christmases?" Hugo said slightly giving the puppy face.

"Maybe as a bedtime story when you go to bed but only if you and Rose are very good!" Hermione explained. Ron smiled and nodded whilst rose walked over.

"Dad...I love you!" Rose said slightly suspiciously whilst giving Ron a big hug. Of course Ron didn't see what was going on and thought that his daughter was only being very nice, however Hermione noticed that Rose was using Ron to get what she wanted...the story of her first Christmas!

"Right then both of you hop to roses room and I'll tell you the story of your first Christmas!" Hermione said calmly. The children bolted up the stairs and the parents shook their heads of how many times thy had told their children not to ron in the house.

" Ron? Don't you think this year had gone fast I mean next year Rose will be starting hogwarts!" Hermione exclaimed.

" I guess! Gosh this year has gone fast!!!" Ron replied his blue eyes as big as saucers.

"Well we better get upstairs to our waiting children!" Hermione encountered. Ron just nodded and they both made their way upstairs and onto Rose's room. The children muttered a finally and sat still on the bed.

"Right I'll tell you but they are quite long stories!" Hermione said.

"We want to Herat them mum no matter how long they are!" Rose explained.

" ok then!... I'll tell Rosie's Christmas first...so me and your father woke up to a very noisy rose however she wasn't crying she was-"Hermione got interrupted by Hugo. "What was she doing mum!" He said. "- Rose was trying to wake us up just for the fun of it! So we all went downstairs and walked into the living room where presents were sat under the tree! So Rosie wobbled over and we didn't know she could walk and she had just taken her very first steps!" Hermione explained a before again getting interrupted by Rose herself.

" really I don't remember that part!" She pondered.

"So as I was saying...she walked right over to the presents and got out a big one and started tearing the wrapping off and inside was a beautiful owl nightlight. She got plenty of other stuff. But after she opened all of them we all had breakfast and then got ready. Rose was wearing a very pretty sparkly red dress which had a tutu skirt! Then we went to granny Weasley's house where auntie Ginny uncle Harry James Al and all your other cousins uncles and aunts and the children played and the adults talked and everyone had fun and played games, when grandma Weasley called is all for Christmas dinner and that's where the commotion happened. Our dear Rose refused to eat and ended up throwing her food all over the table!" The children laughed " and then we decided to leave as it was almost six o'clock and we didn't want to stay too late so we came home and rose played a bit more and then went to bed!" Hermione explained and finished. Ron walked fully into the room as he was only lingering by the door and told the kids that they must go to sleep now and that they would tell Hugo his story of his first Christmas another night as it was getting late! Once both children were tucked up in their beds, Hermione and Ron decided to go to sleep too.

" goodnight Ron! I love you!" Hermione said sleepily.

" goodnight mione! I love you too" Ron replied and with that they both fell soundly asleep

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