A romione christmas!

It's Christmas time in the Weasley household and Hermione Ron rose and Hugo are all looking forward to when Christmas is finally here! Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!


1. chapter1: decorating the tree!

The adorable family of four sat on the sofa with boxes of Christmas decorations in front of them.

"Daddy,are you going to use magic to put all these decorations up?" Young rose asked looking up at her father with concern.

"I don't think so darling. I think mummy wants to show you how muggles do it!"Ron replied to his 10 year old daughter.

"Cool!" Shouted Hugo, who was only 9 years old.

"You might want to go get your slippers on though this might get a bit messy!"Hermione explained. The children bounded up the stairs giggling and talking quite loudly about something.

"Did you know what mum and dad did this morning Rosie?"Hugo asked with a sly grin on his face,rose just shrugged her shoulders."they had sex!!!"

"Gross Hugo I knew that!!!!" Rose said before racing to her bedroom as to not hear any more of her brothers disgusting proclamations. They bolted back down the stairs once they had both gone into their room to get their slippers. Ron chuckled at hearing his children's conversation,however Hermione looked absolutely horrified. "It's ok Mione! They won't remember for long!"reassured Ron. "I know but..."Hermione replied lamely. The children bounded down the stairs and stood in front of the empty tree.Hermione muttered a spell that made all the boxes of decorations open. Rose looked in awe and Hugo laughed. Ron and the children went over to the open boxes and Hermione sat with a smile looking at them whilst snow danced in the sky outside. She supposed she went into a daydream for when she heard Ron saying her name she jumped out of her skin.

"Sorry honey" Ron said guiltily when he saw Hermione jump, the children giggled at the sight. Hermione saw the bauble in his hand and smiled for it was a special one with a quite a story behind it. The bauble said Roses 1st Christmas! With pictures of pretty roses and Christmas bells around it. "Do you remember the story behind this one?" Ron as with a grin growing on his face.

"Yes and I remember the story behind Hugo's at the top of my mind!"Hermione said smiling.

"Oh mummy please tell us both of the stories!"the children pleaded.

"Maybe for bedtime stories today and tomorrow if you are lucky!"Hermione explained. Both of them nodded and smiled before continuing decorating. Ron was helping Hugo put a bauble on a high branch,when Hermione walked out of the living room and into the kitchen, however no one actually noticed. Rose tugged on her fathers sleeve.

"Dad? Where did mum go?" The young girl asked with concern. "I'm not sure!perhaps I'll go look for her!"Ron replied happily. He walked straight to the kitchen where he new she'd be. "What are you doing in here?" Ron asked one again making her jump.

"Nothing really just making you all hot chocolate, muggle-style,"Hermione said smiling. Ron nodded and kissed her. "Now will you tell me the real reason?"he unwillingly begged. "Thinking about how much our family has changed and grown through the years," Hermione replied smiling at the end to show her husband that she was telling the truth and that she wasn't upset. Ron once again nodded and left the kitchen,walking back to the living room. Hermione sighed and and put the hot drinks on a tray and levitated it to the living room. By the time she and the tray got there most of the tree had already been decorated and the children were still putting baubles and Ron had tied himself in tinsel. She laughed and helped him out and put it on the tree instead all that was left was to put the star on the top.

"Who's putting it on this year?"Hugo asked impatiently. "Well...who did it last year?"Ron asked. "I did!" Both children said in unison. I chuckled and decided to settle this myself judging by rons confused face. "Well perhaps you should do it together? That way next year we can make one of you put the star on without any arguments"Hermione reasoned. So that's how it turned out! "Your brilliant you know that right?" Ron said as he made mistletoe grow above where he was standing and pulled Hermione closer to him.

"Eww... kids in the room here!" Rose exclaimed at her parents.

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