Quotes/Teasers-- "Beauty"


1. Clarification

To answer a few questions:


What is Beauty, first of all?

Beauty is an upcoming series from yours truly (Striped Sweaters Forever). It's filled with strange magic, mystery, suspense, action... and more.

When you say "series", how many books'll be in this Beauty?

There are currently four books completely planned for the Beauty series.

What are the titles of these books?

Here's the list of them, in order, separated by commas: Looks, Can, Be, ​Deceiving.

Ah, interesting...when do we get to see them?

Whenever I finish the first one, I'll put it up. It may take days, months, or years, depending on how hard I try.



I want to let ya'll know that I am not responsible for triggering of the "the suspense is killing me" part of the brain. ;)

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