A Calum Hood fanfiction


1. Introduction

I walked through the doors of school, aka hell. I'm just counting down the days until my 5sos concert. 3 days. I just need to survive 3 days. Then I'll finally be happy. I'll finally be able to be myself.

I walk down the hall, to my first class, when my best friend runs over to me.

"Hazel!" Rose yelled as she ran over to me.

"Jesus, fuck," I said. "What woman?"

"I'm still really jealous. Why didn't you get a ticket for me?" she asked.

"Because my cousin bought me these tickets as a birthday present."

"It's still not fair," she said as she huffed.

"Shut up, these we're a birthday present, bitch."

"Yeah, but why dies your cousin have to come? Why can't I come instead?"

"Cause this is going to be 'cousin time'," I said. "That's what Anna said."

"Okay," she said. "Don't you get to sit in the front, and get VIP passes?"

"I get front row seats, but I didn't get VIP passes," I said sadly.

"Hey, at least you get to sit on Calum's side. You know that there is that small chance that you'll get pulled up on stage."

"Yeah, in my wildest dreams," I said.

"Hey, you never know. It could happen," she said before walking to her desk up in the front.

Little did I know, that Rose and Anna had a plan to get me to meet Calum. And it was my worst fear. But, Who knew, it could possibly work. Or Calum could think that I'm a freak. Only time will tell.

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