Dream Boy


1. Chapter 1)

Chapter 1:

Kiss, Lie, Moments and Notes....

'' They were only nightmares, or so I thought, until he turned to my reality and became my dreams. ''

There i was, feeling all eyes on our team. I smiled towards the bleachers looking for that specific person. I heard a couple of whistles but i shrugged them off. Feeling uncomfortable with the red, white and silver cheer uniform, i walked away from the attention back to the benches. Alexis sat next to me feeling proud of the performance we had made.

''Aren't you excited,'' Alexis asked, ''about seeing Louis?''

''He isnt that special. Hes just a friend,'' I answered.

''You almost kissed last time i remember!'' She squealed.

''Sh! He's probably not even coming, i mean i didnt even see him in the bleachers.''

I stood up and walked to my house forgetting about how dark it was. As i walked inside, everything was silent, the house was dark and my biggest fear was to encounter a ghost. I grabbed my phone quickly and i tried to unlock it ,but the battery was dead. I kept walking until i reached the living room.

''Debbie?'' I heard someone whisper.

''Mom?'' I asked frightened.

''Come open the door for me,'' it whispered.

I looked towards the back door with my eyes watery from fear. No one was there ,but the sound kept getting louder.

''OPEN THE DOOR,'' It screamed in a low pitch voice.

I ran to the door and locked it; I then fell down sobbing. 'THUMP-THUMP' I heard from the back door. I closed my eyes trying to calm down ,but before I did, I saw him, the guy with ocean blue eyes. 'BOOM!' The door was knocked down.


I opened my eyes to see what was happening ,but i woke up on my bedroom with tears streaming down my face.

''Hey honey, whats wrong?'' My mom asked sitting next to me.

''I- i had a nightmare. Thats all,'' I whispered getting out of bed.

"What was it?" She asked standing up after me.

''Mom, i dont want to talk about it. Okay?'' I asked annoyed.

''Its just a nightmare, as long as you go see Dr. Sally you'll be fine. Now get ready before your late to the appointment.''

I sighed knowing i lied about my dreams to my mom and lied about going to the appointments. I always had dreams and there was always a boy there ,but i never knew who he was. I got dress into my white high waisted jeans and my black crop top. I grabbed my makeup bag and started doing my mascara and eyeliner. As I grabbed my lipstick, a note fell. I picked it up and read it:


I grabbed the note and placed it next to the last two.

''I wish i knew who you were...,'' I whispered before leaving.

I got into the car and started thinking about the last 3 dreams about SA. My mom waved goodbye before driving off. I smiled when i saw my two favorite boys and my favorite girl: Louis, Austin and Alexis. They were my best friends ,but they didn't know about SA. He was like a hero ,but i wouldnt know because all i ever got to see were his blue eyes.

''Starbucks?'' Alexis asked looking at Austin with her curly hazelnut hair and big greenish-brown eyes.

''Fine! Lets go,'' Austin said making us follow him.

Austin's caramel eyes had Alexis head over heels and ability to play sports were part of the reason most girls at school loved him. Then there was Louis, his light green eyes, blonde hair, charming smile and super cute voice, had me falling for him by the second. Of course he didnt know that because we were just friends.

''Debbie!'' Alexis screamed.

''Huh?'' I asked feeling so confused.

''Captain Crunch?'' She asked.

''Oh, yeah.''

'Turn around,' he whispered.

I turned around listening to the voice that always came to my head ,but no one was there.

'Walk outside, alone and grab the note stuck to the wall'

I did as he asked and exited saying i was getting fresh air. I grabbed the note and it read:


I ran back inside stuffing the paper into my pocket.

''Im going home.... see you guys later,'' I whispered before running to the woods.


''You dont like the idea of someone kissing you?'' I heard someone ask.

''Well, its kinda my first kiss and in every dream well, nightmare he-'' I stopped for a second and closed my eyes then stood quiet realizing I wasnt alone.

''Calm down beautiful, your safe with me,'' I heard someone whisper in my ear.

I turned towards him and opened my eyes. His ocean blue eyes could be seen through the pitch black darkness. I moved closer to him causing him to move closer as well.

''How did you find me?'' I asked.

''Easy. I can read your thoughts,'' he answered moving closer.

''Isn't that impossible?'' I asked staring into his eyes.

''It might be for normal people ,but we're special.'' he said before walking away.

''Where are you going? Am i ever going to see you?'' I asked walking towards him.

''Youll see me again, soon.''

I walked towards my house and started thinking back to what he had said. Did he mean that he would see me in my dream? With the darkness only showing his eyes? Or actually see him and not know who he is??

What do you guys think???

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