Her Favorite Candy Bar

Just an story from my past, thought someone might enjoy it so yea


1. Background

"Nobody seems to ever get it..." These where the words that started it all. Virgil was on Facebook just scrolling through his feed while listening to some old George Strait song. Virgil was bored and had nothing to do for the night; so, when he scrolled along this post he was curious. It came from one of his Facebook friends but at first he didn't recognize the girl. So, as anyone would do, he clicked on her name to view her profile. Then he recognized her. He had seen her around school but never really talked to her. Her name was Taylor, and little did Virgil know that the next year and a half would revolve around Taylor.

All he knew is she was upset and he wanted to try to be a decent person and make a friend. So Virgil messaged her. He didn't really know what to say, so he just said "Hey." And they began talking. Virgil explained that he recognized her and even though they didn't really know each other, that he saw her post and if she needed to talk about something he was there. 

Virgil did not think Taylor would open up to a stranger. At first thought that sounds very unlikely, but as anyone with any education in psychology will tell you, a person is more likely to talk, express themselves, and reveal secrets to people they do not know. People like the idea of a stranger caring enough to ask, because they have not yet formed an image of that person, so when our first impression is them offering us a hand, as humans we begin to trust this person despite not knowing anything about them.

So Taylor let it out, she told Virgil her whole life story. She told him about how she had been abused in her youth, she told him about the death of her mother. She let him in on her pains, how she was bullied in her younger years, she talked about how she learned to fight. She told him about every past relationship, about loosing her virginity, and about the time she was forced into sex. She told Virgil about the drugs she took, how she smoked pot (so did Virgil at the time), popped acid, and sometimes Zanax.

After all this Virgil was able to calm her down and stop her crying, but soon after she expressed regret, "I shouldn't of unloaded all that on you, now you know my deepest darkest secrets." So Virgil said that he would tell her everything about him, that way they were even. Taylor was so excited and agreed.

So off Virgil went. He told her everything about himself. His sexual abuse, his abusive father who beat Virgil, and Virgil's mother. He told Taylor about his past relationships, about how he used to get bullied but learned to defend himself. And about his rather light drug habits. 

In many ways Virgil and Taylor had experienced a lot of the same personal tragedies throughout their lives. So they naturally got along because they both field like the other knew their pain.

So it would appear that Virgil knew everything about Taylor. He knew every large milestone in her life, but he didn't even know what her favorite candy bar was...


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