Me and my step dad have never really gotten on. I think that's why I've always pretended to be someone else for him. Don't do that. It doesn't work.

I've done all sorts of things to make him happy. For example, The Annual Train Exhibition in Birmingham. An exhibition on boxed model trains. The only reason I go, is to try and make him happy. Generally it works. But this year was different, and for once it wasn't entirely my fault. Unfortunately he didn't kn


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

She breathed a sigh of relief as we sat on a bench. "I really thought I was gonna get caught there. He had a heck of a grip you know!" Resting her head back on the wall she faced me. "You didn't need to do that, and I'd also just like to say," she hesitated a second trying to think about phrasing, "I just wanted to say that you made me feel a lot stronger." She blushed.


"No, I mean it. Thank you."

"No problem.., Jess," I said playfully smirking. She smiled. I paused. "How did you know my name?" It'd been bugging at me since she'd said it.

"Huh?" She looked confused.

"Lewis. My name is Lewis. You called me Lewis back there." I jerked my head in the direction of the exits where our 'little incident' had taken place. "How did you know?"

"I didn't. I just guessed. You kinda look like a Lewis anyway," she replied simply.

"Oh, right." I couldn't help but feel embarrassed and maybe even slightly disappointed. Stupid me thinking that there was something else.

"Well," she said after a few awkward moments, "I best be off." She stood and turned to face me. "It was nice meeting your acquaintance, Lewis." Her hand was in front of me.

"Wait, hang on a minute," I stood up to face her. I was a head taller with a thicker build. She glanced around nervously, still not wanting to attract more attention than necessary.

"What is all this for anyway? Huh? I've been watching, you're sneaking around. I've read the article. I know who you are Samanta Jureviciute. I just helped you escape the spotlight. Some information would be appreciated." I stared unblinkingly into her eyes. She stared back, then looked away.

"I'm running away," she said quietly.

"Why?" My voice was barely louder than a whisper.

"That doesn't matter. The fact is that I'm running away, and I need to leave this place ASAP." Looking into my eyes again, Samanta gave me a sad smile. "So," she said in a playful voice, "if you don't mind, I have places to be, people to avoid, a life to live." She turned to leave.

I had a sudden crazy idea.

"Wait!" I called after her.

"Hmm?" She lowered her shoulders impatiently. "What now?"

"I'm coming with you." I walked over and stood next to her.


"I'm coming with you," I repeated.


"Well, I don't really have anything at home, not anything I enjoy anyway," I could tell she wasn't exactly convinced so I continued hastily, "Aaand, I guess you could use someone to watch your back?"

"This isn't a game Lewis, it's serious." She folded her arms.

"Yeah I know." I ran my fingers through my hair. "I wanna stay with you. You make me feel less worthless. I enjoy your company and I guess you could use a friend? After all, what's wrong with a little adventure?"

A slow smile crept onto her face and I knew I'd won. I grinned back.

"Ok, but you follow MY rules, ok?"

"Ok." I carried on grinning.

"Lewis mate, I'm serious. This is dangerous stuff!" She was whispering but it felt like she was speaking loud and clear.

"Yes'sir." I saluted her.

She rolled her eyes. But to my surprise she went with the act. Tucking her hands behind her back she stood up straight. "Well it seems like you are going to be harder to train than the other recruits I've had," she bristled while rocking on the balls of her feet.

"You've done this before?" I had to enquire, if she had, then it'd make me feel less special.

"I've run away before, not with someone else though. AND I got caught last time. That's not gonna happen this time." She looked at me, her jaw set.

"So can I ask why you're running away now?" Why couldn't she tell me? I was going with her now. But still she shook her head.

"Sorry no, not yet."

"Yet?" I repeated her last word.

"Yet." She smiled.

I rolled my eyes. "Ok then. We gonna get this show on the road then?"


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