Me and my step dad have never really gotten on. I think that's why I've always pretended to be someone else for him. Don't do that. It doesn't work.

I've done all sorts of things to make him happy. For example, The Annual Train Exhibition in Birmingham. An exhibition on boxed model trains. The only reason I go, is to try and make him happy. Generally it works. But this year was different, and for once it wasn't entirely my fault. Unfortunately he didn't kn


5. Chapter 4

She was still twisting her way through the crowd and occasionally tossing nervous glances over her bag laden shoulders. The swift movement of her head was entrancing - the way her jagged hair swung in different directions, a nervous twitch in her eyebrows consequently meant that she would frown every so often. A beautifully serious dip in the eyebrows made me even more attracted to her. I thought it just made her more interesting. I don't know why, but I had a sudden urge to get up and speak to her. I had half an hour left to myself so what was stopping me? So I got up.


There where people everywhere. They were making it difficult for me to see the girl. Everywhere I looked, she would disappear, and then I'd see her out the corner of my eye, but then she'd disappear again. This process went on for almost 10 minutes. Then I saw her slip out the main exit. She was stopped by one of the men in uniform. I held my breath. Was she going to get stopped or caught for whatever reason she was running? I didn't know why I was so agitated over a small matter of a supposedly mysterious girl I'd never met before.

Then she nodded while smiling sweetly and held out her wrist to the man in front of her. I soon understood what had happened and gave a sigh of relief. The man was going to stamp her hand with a coloured ink so she could re - enter the hall at any time for the rest of the day. Once he'd planted the red mark on her hand she gave a sharp dip of the head then sped off again. I too had reached the exit, had my hand stamped, then quickly ran after her. My feet made sharp squeaking noises as they hit the cheap blue flooring. I started to worry about what Darren would say if he wouldn't find me by The train. I felt a buzz in my pocket as my phone vibrated. I froze, could that be a message from him? 'Best not to check right now Lewis,' I thought to myself.

I looked up again, I couldn't see her. I stood on the spot for a minute, I just turned on one foot, pivoting. I was in a small square of shops; an indoor newsagents on the left, and a 'ready to go' food station on the right. Anyone watching me must have thought I was some lost and confused kid with a mental illness - standing there with a slightly agape mouth, turning around on the same spot. Seconds later an old lady with a spotted headscarf tapped my shoulder.

"Are you alright dear?" She offered me a smile. I nodded.

"Yeah," I said quickly, "I'm fine." I went to leave, but then turned back to face the old woman again.

"I don't suppose you've seen a young girl around my age come running down here did you? She had short brown hair, green hoodie, backpack..?"

The woman thought for a moment, her head tilted to the side.

"As a matter of fact, I do believe I have." She pointed off down the corridor towards the entrance and exit stations situated on the left.

"Thank you," I said briefly. I decided to move on quickly before I could attract anymore attention to myself.

"Your welcome dear," I heard the confused woman say as I ran back down another corridor. I hadn't stopped to properly think about what the results of my actions may be.

Why had I become so obsessed? I wondered what would happen if I followed her outside of this building. What would I do then? What if this girl was only rushing because she needs the loo or something stupid like that? No, her needing the loo isn't stupid, me trying to follow her is stupid. And what if I did end up talking to her? What then, what do I say?

"Hi. I'm called Lewis and I'm a real stalker. I followed you because you looked suspicious. Where are you going?"

No, I don't think so. In the midst of my flurry of mixed up thoughts, I caught sight of a green hoodie. Thee green hoodie. I knew I'd found her again.

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