Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.


2. TWO

Finn's POV

Katelynn handed me her number and she was gone.

"Fergal what happened I thought you were getting Katelynn!" Rami (Sami Zayn) asked me.

"She left with him, Katelynn told me that piece of trash with pink hair would never hurt her. But you know what Punk said. Under any terms was she supposed to be with him." I shoved the piece of paper in my jacket pocket and walked inside.

After training some more and taking a shower, I took out the paper with Katelynn's number on it since it technically is later. I put her number in and the name came out to be Katelynncute don't know why I put cute with it, while alright I like her after I only knowing her for a couple hours, I texted her.

Me: Hey Katelynn its Fergal. Just wanted to know how you are?

After I sent it I was looking at the screen and soon it said that she read it and then she was typing back.

Katelynncute: Glad you texted, hey I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight. Nick wants my first day as a wrestler to be a blast.

Did I really want to be in the same place as him, after what Punk told us what all happened with AJ I don't want Katelynn to be in the same problem. But if I go then I can protect her.

Me: Sure! But could I invite some of the people that you met today so your night is fun.

She agreed and said she already invited Pamela, Leah, and Alexis and where we are going tonight. So I invited Kenta (Hideo Itami) Rami (Sami Zayn) and Shinsuke. Since I already took a shower and I would just wear what I'm wearing to this I started working on one of my Lego sets.

Soon it was time to go. Rami and Shinsuke rode with me since they both live in the same apartment complex.

"So what do you think pretty boy will do!" Shinsuke asked from the back seat. I shook my head, "I don't know to be honest. But if he does do something then I have you two." Both nodded and I pulled into the parking lot of a bowling alley,

"Bowling alley really!" Rami said, I shrugged. "That's what Katelynn texted me after she told me who she invited." I saw Pamela and Savelina (Nia Jax). I gave them both a hug and we all went inside.

I heard Katelynn laughing. I looked in the game room and there was Nick and her at a claw machine. Nick was behind her helping, I saw they got a bear that was green and it had a four-leaf clover on it. Katelynn saw us and skipped right over boy she was like AJ to a tee.

"Hey guys, Savelina you made it!" Katelynn went an gave her a hug.

"Sorry if its childish for a bowling alley but Nick said anything tonight." I shook my head no,

"It's not but one thing to know about me is that I'll beat you!" Pamela said Katelynn's smile never left.

"Oh really while I'll beat you!" she snapped back.

"While lets get going." an Pamela pulled Katelynn to the front desk along with Savelina to get a game ready.

"Fergal." I heard Nick's voice next to me, I looked at him with kind of a death glare.

"What? Do you have a problem with me cause I have never done anything to you that I know of!" I scoffed and look down at the ground then back at him.

"You know Katelynn while her brother-in-law called Matt and asked to speak to the three of us also Samoa Joe. To protect her and to watch you after what happen between you and April." Nick's face went from smirking to pissed off, he walked off to where the girls are.

"Let's make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." added Rami I nodded an we walked over.

"Let's see we have nine so how do you all want to do this?" Alexis asked.

"Five on one and four on another!" Katelynn asked,

"But then one team will totally win then!" Alexis whined.

"We're not playing for winning we playing for fun!" Pamela said even thou we know she wants to win.

Pamela and Katelynn wanted to be captains.

"Savelina" Pam choose first after the coin toss.

"Fergal" I looked at Nick he was pissed off that I was Katelynn's first pick.





"Leah" after the teams we started.

"You better watch it Kate you're going up against the one an only Bayley!" Shinsuke said. Katelynn giggled an bowled, knocked down five. Pamela got the same thing.

"Oh who is going to get the spare." Nick said.

"I will!" both said,

"Fine you go first since you won the coin toss." Katelynn said, she nodded and grabbed her ball. Pamela got all but one down.

"Let's see if I can do better!" I smiled at her,

"You can do it!" Shinsuke yelled everyone burst out laughing. Katelynn rolled an got the spare. "Nice one!" Pam said. Both high-fived.

We bowled for about an hour and half. Right now we were eating at the bowling alley having chili cheese fries and nachos.

"I'm excited to say that I'm going to love it here!" Katelynn said, we all raised are water cups and toasted to that. 


Next day!

I woke up to my phone buzzing on my end table. I looked at it and my mom was calling it was around 10 this morning my time which is 4pm their time in Ireland.

"Hey mom!" I said.

"Hey sweetie! I haven't heard from you in a while, just wondering if everything is alright?" I rolled my eyes. My mom is the best, wonderful mom in the world.

"I'm fine! How's dad?"

"His fine! Your sister is here do you want to talk to her!" I agreed and had a talk to my sister then to my brother-n-law and my dad an then hung up. I miss everyone back home, maybe if I talk to Hunter and Matt if I can go home just a couple days.

I decide to get dress go for a run and maybe to Lego land today since I worked out pretty good yesterday.

As I was on my run Katelynn called me crying. She told me to come over to her apartment which was in my apartment complex, so I rushed over there and knocked.

"Fergal!" she practically yelled once she opened the door.

"Katelynn what's the matter!" I asked once I came in, her apartment was like mine but with a nice dark brown sectional and three bar stools. She must have had them deliver all this today cause it still smells like new.

"Fergal I should have trusted you when you said that Nick was not a good person." I looked at her which anger in my eyes.

"What did he do to you!" I asked. Katelynn looked back up at me with her big brown eyes and tears coming down.

"He tried to do what he did to April." I pulled Katelynn toward me and hugged her, she was crying her eyes on my chest. Punk to us what happened to his wife. Let's just say it's not pretty an involves hitting and adult things.

After Katelynn somewhat stopping crying I went into her bathroom and got a washcloth with cold water and handed it to her so she could wash her face from the tears.

"Why was so stupid to believe him! Guess he's right I'm so childish to understand dating or anything!" if I see Nick again his a dead man for making her believe all this, she's brilliant, smart and funny most of all beautiful.

"Katelynn his just like his character a show-off. You're not stupid or childish, hell I still play with Legos for crying out loud. Everyone is childish at some point look at Pamela and her character Bayley, she goes out there an gives it her all while being childish. You're KJ Lee the sister to the AJ the one that wasn't afraid to stand up and do something, your sister was yes crazy and childish but that is her an you have it. Who cares what Nick says, I like you the way you are." Katelynn was blushed and crying again.

"Fergal I wouldn't know what to do without you! Your awesome." I smiled an we hugged.

"Since you're feeling much better now I was planning on going to Lego Land if you wanted to come with me?" she nodded with excitement and quickly got changed.


Katelynn's POV

Fergal and I left my house in his truck and proceeded to Lego Land. 'AJ Lee's Light it up theme' I smiled an took the call.

"Hey sissy!" I said,

"Hey how's everything in Florida?" I sighed.

"Katelynn Jane! What's the matter, I know that sigh anywhere? Tell me!" I wiped yet another tear, I thought I lost all of them.

"Nick that's what happen but don't worry, I'm with some friends right now so I'm fine." I could hear Phil cuss in the back ground.

"Katepop, what did that son of bitch do to you!" I sighed again and shook my head.

"Phil, he did the same thing. But I have back up!" I could tell he was whispering to April.

"Is one of them by chance Fergal?" I looked at Fergal, he smiled at me so I smiled back.

"Yea it is! Why?" someone was knocking at their house.

"Good just stick with him Katepop. I wouldn't trust Nick again thou, while you know that. Oh an stick with his friends and yours. You know I have eyes everywhere there." I smiled at my brother-in-law.

"Oh yes I know you do. So anyway everything's fine but that. But like I said to April I'm with some friends so I better get off the phone." He agreed and we hung up.

"Punk?" Fergal asked while pulling into the parking lot, I nodded.

"Did he contact you to watch over me and some of the other guys?" Fergal looked at me like what are you talking about.

"Fergal I know Phil and he knows people here in the business like April. I just want to know if you talked to you, I will not be mad." After a few minutes of him looking straight forward, he finally nodded.

"Yea he did! But also he said for Rami, Shinsuke, Samoa Joe and Hideo too." She nodded.

"I'm fine with that! To tell ya I never had anyone besides Phil to watch over me." Fergal smiled a cheeky one and got out the truck.


Once inside there was little kids running around like crazy to see all the Lego sets,

"Have you ever been to a Lego store before?" he asked. I shook my head no.

"While then you're in for a treat." I smiled and followed him to a section of the store. While we were looking around, I saw something that recognized.

"Um Fergal could we go down this aisle?" he looked down the one I was pointing to and he nodded. As we were walking down the aisle, I saw that they came out with Monster High Lego sets.

"No way! I can't believe they did this!" I said kind of loud. I then realized Fergal was there so I began to blush and put the box back on the shelf and started to walk away.

"Katelynn, what's wrong?" he asked,

"Sorry for fangirling but I this show even the dolls of that same brand Monster high." He chuckled and looked at me with his blue eyes that made my heart flutter. I didn't realize it but he is cute like in the photo April and I was looking at.

"Did you want get it?" I shook my head no,

"I have to save my money, you know for bills and food. Since I haven't really started wrestling yet, my dad is giving me money." He shook his head.

"No do you want to set?" I nodded yes.

"While I'm buying you it no matter if you said no anyway." I smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks you really didn't have to do this!" I said after checking out and going to the truck.

"You welcome but I wanted to! So how about we get something to eat then we can either go to your apartment or mine so we can start building." I agreed and we stopped at McAlester's. I had a wrap while Fergal had a sandwich, both of us got an Arnold's Palmer with a lemon.

"Did you get a schedule for Matt or Sara." I nodded an tried to speak but I had food in my mouth, he chuckled an waited for me to finish chewing.

"Sorry but yea I did get one. I have training tomorrow with Sara at one, and next week I have to think of a ring entrance." Fergal nodded. After eating and making sure if are drinks needing topping off before we left.

"So to my apartment or yours?" he asked. I shrugged.

"How about yours since yours is close to the entrance of the complex." I nodded an off we went.


Once at my apartment!

"Alright while make yourself at home!" I said excitedly.

"How about we set up at the coffee table!" he asked I yelled out alright since I was in my room. I was bringing out my Bluetooth speaker when I felt like being watch, I spun around and gasped when Fergal was in my room.

"Fergal Devitt get out of my room!" I yelled.

"What your room is so cool! You're really into marvel and there's those dolls you were talking about." My face was probably beat red probably tomato looking.

"Calm down Katelynn I'm going!" I followed him and we started on are Lego sets.

After working on are sets for about two hours we decided to stop. See as he didn't want to go back to his place being alone we asked each other random questions.

"Wow that's all I'm going to say!" I said while trying not to start a laughing fit.

"Alright while actually I have a story." I took a drink and began.

"Alright I was about eight or so and I was just playing around with my cousins outside while it was raining and we um or matter of fact Matt decided that it would be awesome to go jumping across the ditch from my grandparent's house to his house. After doing that for a while just acting stupid, Matt again had a stupid idea to play tag also while jumping, his older brother my cousin Michael was it so we ran into their yard. Michael was chasing me so I ran and tried and to jump the ditch. While I didn't make it instead I slide down into the ditch in the water that came up to my chest, once I got up my pants ripped lucky the mud was everywhere so they didn't see that." Fergal was laughing his butt up.

"Oh man really!" he said I nodded,

"Yea my mom took a picture of all of us on that day. April was at her friend's house." We stayed up just talking and telling stories.

I woke up the next morning in the living room, Fergal an I's Lego sets still placed on the coffee table. As I was about to get up I felt an arm around my waist,

"Morning sleeping beauty!" a ruff Irish morning voice said. Fergal stayed the night, ON MY COUCH! Inside I was freaking out,

"Do you remember what happened last night?" he asked I shook my no.

"You were telling a story about the time April and you went to a party and then you went silent. I came back from the bathroom and you fell asleep, you looked cute so I didn't want to move you. I checked the time since it was late so I stayed here. Hope that was alright!" I moved so I was just sitting right next to him.

"No. I mean it's fine that you stayed here!" it was quiet an we were staring at each other. I could look at his blue eyes all day. But like always something had to break the quiet, my phone. I dropped my head an bit my bottom lip, Fergal lifted my head so I was looking straight up at him again.

"Katelynn, um... I um." I was waiting for him to continued but nothing.

"You better get your phone." My heart fell I thought he was going to tell me that he liked me or something, but who am I thinking he probably has a girlfriend. I mean come on look at him, his a cutie also we don't really know each other. I grabbed my phone off my end table and unlocked it. April texted me and so did Pamela.

April: Hey sorry I know it's early and everything but grandma wants to know if you are coming for Thanksgiving. I and Phillip are here an there's more I have to tell you so CALL ME!!! LOVE YAJ

I chuckled and before I called her I looked at what Pamela texted me.

Pamela BayBay: Dude I saw that I'm scheduled to come at the center around 1 so I hope I see you but I have a lot to talk to you about. J

I still had on my smile and texted back Pamela.

Me: Sweet I have the same time slot with Sara. See you there! J

I called April.

"Hey Sissy!" she yelled into the phone.

"Hey what's going on at grandma's?" I heard grandma in the back ground.

"Hello sweetie!" grandma said.

"You're on speaker!" April said.

"Hey grandma, How are you? Miss you!" I can image she has her hands over her mouth cause I haven't spoken to her in a long time.

"Miss you too sweetie. Are you coming over for Thanksgiving April said that you may or may not be able to." I sighed.

"What day are you having it on?" I heard my grandma grab something probably her calendar. "Probably on that day, which is on a Friday!" I thought about it then I remembered that Fergal is here. I walked out of my room to see him still on the couch on his phone.

"Hey Fergal besides regular shows for NXT do we have anything else going on around Thanksgiving?" I asked, he looked on his phone in his calendar app.

"No we don't why?" I nodded.

"No I'm free besides regular shows but I think they will tape those on Wednesday so I will be on a plane on that Thursday!" I then heard a click, grandma must be writing it all down.

"Alright sweetie! I will see you in about a month. I'll let you talk to your sister. Grandma has to get her hair done." I shook my head. Grandma was always going down to the hair salon.

"Is that my niece on the phone?" I heard uncle dan say,

"Hey uncle!" he had to leave to drop off grandma at the hair salon and to the hardware store. "Katelynn, you better be ready for the best whip cream fight ever once you're here." I laughed at my cousin even thou we are the same age every time we are together we always get into the weirdest things.

"Me? It should be the other way around, you should be ready for whip cream down your pants after the last time." I said.

"Really Katelynn you are not going to have me live that down are you!" I smiled and started laughing at the memory.

"NO I WILL NOT! You grabbed the mustard first!" I said.

"No fair you spilled the baked beans on me." He said back.

"It was because Joseph bumped into me!" I tried to defined myself.

"Oh really that's what you're still going with!" I smiled proudly at myself. Fergal was looking at me laughing and the conversion even thou he doesn't know the other half of it.

"Alright while Matt I better get off the phone. Training starts I in a little bit and I need to go eat before hand." He agreed and I said byes to everyone that was there and finally hung up the phone.

"What the hell was that conversion about?" Fergal finally asked. So I told him about the one Thanksgiving we had the started it all with the weird fights. Like in the conversion Matt thought I spilled Baked beans on him but I didn't so he grabbed the mustard an started spraying it on me so I grabbed the Ketchup and the honey an started doing the same thing. Once it was over we were covered in Ketchup, Mustard and Honey, we had to take a shower after that lucky both of us were staying out in the RV.

After telling him that story and telling him that I was going to see my family over Thanksgiving he left to his apartment to get changed. Pamela texted me back an asked if I wanted to go out for lunch with her.

I agreed an got into my vehicle, lucky I had synced via Bluetooth to the radio. As I was driving, with the windows down an jamming out to Work by Rihanna, then Work from Home by Fifth Harmony. I pulled in the Wendy's and parked. Pamela got out of her car.

"Girl nice vehicle! When did you get it?" I press the button to lock it. The day after I came before I came to the performance center, she nodded and we went inside. We both got a salad an lemonade but we cheated an got chocolate frosty's. Lucky my dad gave me some money but only til I start wrestling but with my dad he will give me money every month just so he knows I have some.

"So how did you get into the business of wrestling?" Pamela asked.

"I always loved it, but April's brother my half-bro got into it way before we did but slowly he got us into it. April an I would act like tag-team partners wear the same ring gear we would bring out are Halloween costumes and we would try an swap the top or bottoms of are costumes so people would tell between us. I think we call ourselves the jersey's or something we liked back then. But it was fun." she laughed and we continued to eat. I looked at my phone and pressed the home button just to make sure the time.

"Yeah that's a cute picture of the two of you. Wait are you an Fergal together!" I shook my head no.

"No! Alright we kind of had this moment at my house this morning, he stayed at my apartment last night cause we talked all night but once I fell asleep he did too. I don't know what to do, I like him but I don't know about him." Pam was grinning like she knows something.

"Tell me now!" I said. "What I don't know anything!" I looked at her like really you don't know.

"Alright I kind of over heard something but Fergal would not stop talking about you and also he seemed pissed about you leaving with Nick. Rami said that Punk called an told him to look after you an to some other wrestlers that's friends with him." I nodded. Maybe he does want to be with me but I still don't know if he really wants to, you never know Fergal could have just talked about me and it seemed like he was talking about me alot.

After eating an throwing away are trash, Pamela said that she wanted to ride with me to the center so I followed to her apartment which is close to mine but different complex. I met her boyfriend an her puppy.

"I'll see you later!" Pam said, her boyfriend nodded an we left to the center.

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