Katelynn is the sister to AJ Lee. She starts in NXT then to the main roster under the ring name KJ Lee but along the way she falls for the Irish cute 'the demon' or will a friend of hers that's been with her sister get in the way or another guy on the roster.
Follow along with KJ Lee and her friends to see if she is crazy, sassy enough to be in the ring.



Finn's POV

"DEVITT!" I heard my name being yelled, so took off my headphones and looked around. Nick came up to me and got into my face. 

"What the hell are you doing with Katelynn. I was planning on asking her out tonight but NOOOO! She texted me saying that she doesn't want to be friends no more after what I did to her. While guess what demon she asked for it, what I did to her. April asked for it too, so don't believe anything her and her entire family says." I got up and went in his face, 

"You don't think of Katelynn's feelings in any of this. You didn't see the tears in her eyes or the pain I saw on her pretty face when she told me what you did to her. I'm fucking dam surprised that you can still wrestle but guess what once if there wasn't any people or cameras to see all this I would beat your ass down to the ground for hurting her and her family." I yelled at him. Matt came up an pulled me away from him, 

"Fergal calm down now! Don't do anything you will regret." Rami said, I was boiling mad actually just plain ole pissed off. 

"How about we have a match at a NXT show before Thanksgiving. I'll call Hunter now!" Matt's voice boomed in the center, Nick nodded an so did I. 

"You better training good Balor!" he said an stormed out of the center.

"Hunter is going to talk to Nick tonight at the smackdown taping but as of now there's no plan for this. So just keep away from him." Matt said, I nodded and left to another area of the center.

"Come on KJ! Tuck in before the impact then try an contour the move." Sara yelled into the ring.

"Bayley do a clothesline and KJ you contour and turn it into the black widow." Both of them nodded and Pamela ran toward Katelynn, she ducked and jumped onto her an about ten seconds Pamela was tapping. I was clapping, 

"Great job KJ! You did awesome take five and Alexia you and KJ go into the ring and try a match. KJ you remember what I told you and what you already know." both girls nodded an Katelynn rolled out of the ring.

I gave her a hug, "You're doing great in the ring." I told her, she blushed and hid her face on my chest. I can tell Katelynn is like me shy but once she hits the ring something clicks and it's down to business.

"Fergal." I turned around an saw Samoa Joe coming toward me. 

"Matt needs to see ya! Hunter is here!" I nodded an looked at Katelynn she was talking to Leah and Nia. So I walked toward the office, 

"Fergal I hear that Nick and you had an argument earlier today and Matt wants a match at a NXT show the week on Thanksgiving." I nodded, 

"So I'm granting this! So til that day you and Nick are to not see each other besides being in the NXT ring or shows." I agreed to the terms and left the office. 

"So you're getting a match to face Nick!" I heard Katelynn's voice beside me. 

"Yes I am! But you don't know what Nick said to me earlier." Katelynn turned her back to me,

"Katelynn, are you mad to me?" I asked, 

"No I'm not mad at you but why are you going to face him. His a waste of time!" I turned her around. 

"Because he was hurting the person I love the most." Katelynn put her arms around my waist and snuggled her head on my chest. 

"You really mean that?" she asked. 

"Yea I mean that! I don't want you being hurt anymore. Nick went too far of what he said earlier so I want to shut his ass up." she giggled. 

"When is it?" I inhaled and said 

"The NXT show of Thanksgiving." She nodded and let go. 

"KJ time to get back to work!" Sara yelled, she nodded and walked away.

Once Katelynn left I walked into the little catering we had just of snacks and drinks. I grabbed an apple and a water. 

"Fergal I have something to ask of you?" Rami came into the room, I nodded and sat down. "When are you going to ask Katelynn out?" I chuckled and took a bite of my apple, 

"Dude, I know you. You are always smiling when you are around her, when someone says her name or someone is talking about her. You are smitten dude." I kept on shaking my head and eating my apple. 

"Fergal you should go ask her out! You two are cute together and let me tell ya. It's me, you know me I have never said that ever." I just cracked up laughing. I opened my eyes and saw him not laughing, so I stopped an cleared my throat. 

"Sorry Rami but how do I know if she has a boyfriend back home. But let's get serious why would she go out with me, look at what I turn into at live shows with my body paint." Rami still had on this face like dude just grow some and go ask her. 

"Fine I'll ask her but if I get shot down then you better make sure your couch is free and you are not skipping out on watch the Lego movie." He nodded and I got up. Once I walked up to her, she was talking to Thomas (Baron Corbin). He just got called up to the main roster. Both of them were laughing an smiling at each other, my heart fell so I turned around and walked out of the center. 

"Fergal what's the matter?" I saw Hunter, he walked up to me. 

"Sorry but um..." Hunter put his on my shoulder. 

"Son, I saw the way your face fell once another guy was talking to Katelynn. Trust me Thomas is not the guy Katelynn wants. Also he has a girlfriend." I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, 

"Fergal I seen the way you look at her and trust me she looks at you the same way you do. I saw the video of the argument between Nick and you, the way you stood up for her and what you said. If Phillip er I mean Punk, even April saw what you did they would approve of you two going out." I smirked. 

"Fergal you probably have heard this since you realized you like her. But ask her, the worst could happen is she will say no but I highly doubt that." I nodded an Hunter got into his car and drove off.

"Pamela!" I motioned for her to come over, 

"Does Katelynn have her phone with her right now!" I asked, she shook her head no. 

"I believe her phone is in her duffle which is in the locker room! Why?" I took a deep breath and said 

"I'm going ask Katelynn on a date, but I want to ask her dad and her sister before I ask her. Could you get the numbers or her phone?" she nodded an walked over to were Katelynn was.

Soon Pamela was walking to the locker room and she was in there two minutes later. 

"Here is Katelynn's phone." I saw that she didn't change her wallpaper from that picture we took, I looked though her contacts and found her dad an April's numbers. I put them in my phone and handed Pam back Katelynn's phone so she could put it back.


Later that day!

I was pacing around the living. I was scared out of my witts, I didn't know if her dad or even her sister would react to me calling them and asking his daughter and sister to a date. I really like Katelynn but one's thing is for sure I hoped her family likes me. So I grabbed my phone an clicked on her dad's number, it rang three times an then he answered. 

"Hello Daniel Murphy speaking." I thought I lost my voice. 

"Hello sir! My name is Fergal Devitt, I'm a friend of your daughter's Katelynn and I wanted to ask you, with your permission if I can take your daughter out on a date?" it was silent, 

"Fergal right!" I nodded but then I thought he can't see that. 

"Yes sir." There was another long silent. 

"While son. I'm actually surprised that a young man as yourself would call the parents of the girl he likes to ask permission to date his daughter. So I saw yes you may but you have to call her sister cause you just passed one blockade but you have another of April 'AJ' Mendez Brooks." I smiled and he hung up. I let out the breath I was holding. Ok like he said one blockade down another to go. So I went to April's number next. It rang three times and someone answered but it wasn't April. 

"April's phone, her grandmother speaking.", "Hello Mrs. Mendez. Is April there I would like to ask her a question regarding her sister Katelynn." She gasped and started talking in Spanish. "Abuela!" I heard April, she was also speaking in Spanish, 

"Ladies please calm down." I tried saying but I guess someone took the phone. 

"Hello, sorry about that. May I asked who this is." Punk asked. 

"It's Fergal! I just wanted to ask her wife a question regarding Katelynn." I heard a door slam shut, 

"Sorry, but what's the matter with Katelynn?" I took a deep breath, 

"Nothing is the matter with her but I wanted to ask if it would be alright with you and April if I could take Katelynn on a date?" it was silent without the girls screaming in the background. 

"I think it would be great for you to date Katelynn. April would be glad for her sister to be with you, while if you don't mind I have to calm down two really mad Spanish women." I chuckled and we hung up. Now that the worst is done I have to ask Katelynn, hopefully she'll say yes.

Once I made myself dinner and was about to eat my phone start buzzing next to me. I looked an it was Rami. 

"Hey Zayn what's up." I said while taking a bite of my dinner, 

"The sky Balor. But anyway I have to tell you something!" I froze in the pit of my stomach I had a feeling this was about Katelynn. "Katelynn is already with someone." I dropped out of my seat.

"Who Rami?!?!" I partially yelled in the phone, 

"Thomas aka Baron Corbin." I hung up the phone an left my house, I was so set on asking her out that I called her family.

Once I walked straight to Katelynn's door step I heard her laughing, 

"Thomas! hahaha." that annoying lump in my throat quickly came. 

All of sudden I didn't want to see her I didn't want to hear her adorable laugh or her beautiful smile right now.

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